MarkZ Wednesday Update: Highlights by PDK – Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ:   I have not seen any more CMKX deliveries since the test packages but lots of rumors that more deliveries start tonight.

There is a whole lot breaking loose right now- so I expect to have a lot more news by tonight’s stream.

If things roll out today like we think they might…maybe we will see 800’s by Thursday or Friday.

People in Reno have been told to expect things to start this afternoon. My contact with a bank apt is later this morning at 11:00. Does this mean he will get paid…..we will have to wait and see

My Contact in Iraq expects the rate on Saturday

Member:  Frank 26 says we may have a indication where the rate maybe at by Friday

MZ: Frank would know- there is no one in Dinarland better at Iraq news then Frank26

Q:   WOW. A DIGITAL GOLD BACK DINAR?? With a rate ??

MZ:  yes- Gold backed…….we just need the rate. This is exciting…….

Member:  1-Dinar e-token is backed by the value of 1 gram of gold.

Member:  Gold is at $1306 oz = $46.64 a gram And that is being pegged to 1 – 1-dinar

MZ: Im trying not to get excited with that math.

Member:  Parliamentary move to raise the price of the dinar and maintain the stability of inflation

Member:  Iraq article says “Getting ready to launch 25, 50, 100 coins. Does that have to happen first before the RV or RI?

MZ: Think about this guys… many coins would you have to carry……you would have to have a huge sack to buy a loaf of bread….

Member:  Need a Pack Mule to carry the sack of coins LOL


Member:  Thank you Mark! Frank’s Team have Exciting News on

Q:  Update It looks like we are going to get an announcement today about the Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank merger completing itself. The derivatives in all the banks connected to the Deutsche Bank across the globe will feel this move. It doesn’t mean the markets will look good, but a clearing out of the system has just began. It will populate all over the world a new change in the global economy. We are now capable of putting new money into the system now. I hope you are ready. Sam Oliver

MZ:  Old article where Presdent Trump wants to back our currency by gold   :

Member:  We’re hearing from Reno that they’re just waiting for Trump to pull the trigger

Member:  Our WF in Reno when we discuss RV with our Corporate Group they keep it close to there chest and want give any info

MZ: it used to be easy to get information for Reno. But yes……they do keep it close right now….

Q:  DO YOU FEEL……That Provided Iraq DOES POST the New Rate in their Paper on Saturday, that it could STILL BE 10 DAYS?? BEFORE THE REST OF US CAN EXCHANGE CURRENCIES?? Much what happened Years ago??

MZ: I think it will be instant all around the world….It would be easiest for them to post the rates on Saturday and  then we all get started…..we will have to wait and see what happens.

Q:  Hey mark rumors flying that you have a currency group in Reno many using your name out there.

MZ:  I have no group anywhere….I’m not affiliated with any group anywhere….shame on them for using my name.

Q:   Who at the end of the day is the last person to pull the trigger? And what are they waiting for

Q:  Do you know if Groups-Reno-if they provide Wealth team/Private Banker-or do we get on our own?

Member:  WF in Reno have Private Bank and Wealth Managers

Member:  Every Major Bank has a High Net Worth (wealth manager) department

Q:  Can they deliver packages at night?

MZ: Yes they prefer to deliver early evenings is what I am being told

Q:  Does Mr C get paid the same way and time we do?

MZ: No, There will be a team coming to him….most likely a representative from China because of the family gold and a representative from the Treasury . We are told there will be representatives from both. Then he will do his job. (releasing the US gold back currency?) Its very different from how we will get paid.

Q: Iraq triggers the dong and other currencies? Basket of currencies?

MZ: They will all go at once…Iraq is just one of the biggest parts of the basket.

Q:  Did you find out anything new on CMKX after yesterday?

MZ:  The only news is that contacts expect deliveries to start today at 4 or 5 pm….I will be very busy at that time calling everyone I know  in CMKX for news at that time.

Q: Do they still want to start our exchanges by the end of the month.

MZ: That is what I am being told……

Q:  What are the chances of a tonight delivery? Was it a trusted source telling you deliveries for CMKX today?

MZ: It was a decent source from the banking side……I always say take rumors with a grain of salt but I really feel good that everything will be starting this week for sure….

MZ: well, gotta get busy for the evening stream …there is a whole lot to do today ..I will see you all tonight

Note: Please listen to the replays. There is so much information and chat scrolls fast and Mark talks even faster…….

Wednesday Replay 3-20-19


“I-Dinar” .. the first electronic platform for the Islamic exchange of digital currency

– 3 Hours Ago

On the sidelines of the 5th International Islamic Finance Conference, the first Islamic platform for the exchange of gold-backed digital currency, I-DINAR, was launched in Doha today.

The I-Din platform is an electronic symbol based on the exchange of digital currency. Its initial value of one dinar is supported against one gram of gold, which is not only a digital currency, but for a real gold eye.

With the golden cover of the coin, “I-Dinar” is not only a symbol but a form of electronic gold portfolio. With the remarkable progress in the electronic exchange chain technology, i-Dinar can be used as a common denominator for executing and settling many financial transactions and exchange operations And trade.

Through this currency, Qatar offers the latest e-currency concept and technology distinct from the others in the quality of technology and applied standards. In addition, the currency reflects real value that can be obtained at any time, while achieving the principle of maintaining the assets owned by the client and the speed of implementation Any financial or commercial transactions in full compliance with Islamic law.

The announcement was made as a result of extensive work, studies and meetings between a team from the Qatar Financial Center, the Board of Directors of Qaf Holding Group and the Malaysian IbadahInc Foundation.

The Chairman of Qaf Holding Group Khalid Al Suwaidi said that the i-dinar platform initiative is an indication of the increasing awareness and economic culture of the State of Qatar and its understanding of future changes and requirements despite all the challenges in general. This is an unprecedented achievement on the ground to develop cooperation, trade and prosperity. Economic and wealth of the Islamic world in the face of the challenges of the age and rapid digital economic development in particular.
Suwaidi said Al-Suwaidi expected the new platform to achieve a great deal of resonance in the near future because it achieves two important goals. The first is to acquire a sophisticated digital currency that has confidence in customers. The second is that the currency, , Which will increase the confidence of scientists in dealing.

He added that the currency in its current form has passed all stages of the test even through Islamic standards in dealing with currencies as a real currency has a real balance similar to the currency backed by a gold balance, pointing out that this currency has taken the criteria of universal acceptance and technological development in terms of accuracy and security.

The spokesman for the Malaysian Cultivation Establishment Abbas Ali explained that the purpose of the platform was to facilitate and implement multi-product digital financial transactions that allow the trading of “i-dinar” with or for any other goods or products or coded currencies or any combination of solutions Financial instruments, as well as financial and commercial contracts from anywhere and at any time worldwide easily and conveniently.

He said the new currency was a huge technological revolution in the world, being the first “mixed” digital exchange of its kind in the world, using a digital symbol supported by gold and has real value.

The 5th Doha Islamic Finance Conference, held under the title “Islamic Finance and the Digital World”, was launched today. The conference aims at presenting the experiences of the central banks in dealing with digital financial developments and their potential risks. Legal and technical standards and the importance of the digital economy and its role in achieving sustainable development goals.

In its fifth edition, the conference focused on discussing the effects of digital development on Islamic finance, through its main interlocutor, reviewing the experiences of the central banks in light of the major changes in the world of business and finance due to the enormous and significant development of information technology. Financial institutions and banks to quickly study their future opportunities and the possibility of transition to the digital world.

Source: Al Jazeera     link

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