In 12thman 

Within a few days a part, another main contact of our team, reached out to us with a few bits of information. I can’t share all that was said until we see validation in the news or through our boots on the ground in Iraq. Once we validate the information given, I will share what I can without giving up our contact.

But, what I can say is, our contact was called in off his family vacation yesterday due to the blessing and it’s timing.

This contact plays a certain role at a US financial firm. Please note, there is only one maybe two people who can call him and say get back now. Our group leader also stated that we need to be ready at a seconds notice….being in this for 8 years, almost 9, I have been ready…are you?

This is two of our 6 in the loop contacts that have reached out to us within the same week.

They called us…which brings a great amount of excitement to my heart! I predict we will hear from our boots on the ground soon seeing my groups lead reached out to him looking for validation on a few things that people keep reporting.

As always, take this and all your concerns and worries to the Lord and pray we are done with this ride by next weekend. May God bless each of you with a purpose to use the blessing and your obedient to His call…