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MarkZ Saturday Afternoon Chat – Some highlights by PDK – Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: Just thought I would do a Saturday stream because we are all stuck at home……maybe a bit bored……..I am hearing good rumors that 4a will start this week. Maybe as early as Monday.

Q: Is the Fed dead???

MZ: Ding Dong the Fed is dead…….Yes The Fed is DEAD…it’s busy getting absorbed into the Treasury right now…they finally took it off life support.

Member:  Trump ended the federal reserve last night!!!!

Member: Donald J Trump IS THE NEW FED CHAIRMAN

Member:  The Fed will move to Treasury and will be phased out over the next year….

Member:  Fed Folded into the US Treasury …….AMERICA WINNING!

MZ: The big news yesterday is they finally passed the stimulus bill……but it’s loaded with pork so I don’t think either party has the people’s interests at heart right now. It was stated that yesterday’s  bill was just the first round and that we will see multiple rounds of stimulus payments.

Member:  Trump has taken over the coronavirus relief CARES Act with the Defense Production Act and will use the money as he sees fit and not how Pelosi wants.

Member:  It is my understanding from sources and Doc that – Funding for National Emergencies fall under the President’s Personal Control. That is why Trump wanted it to pass and didn’t care what was in there.

MZ: You may be absolutely right and Trump may be playing a better chess game then they give him credit for.

Member:  I Believe POTUS, is 10 MOVES ahead

MZ: on the banking side I am hearing they may try to get settlements out…piece meal it out with settlements and 4a…get those out the door. They start scheduling 4b because it’s such a logistical nightmare right now. How to have enough people to staff exchanges….how to make sure everybody stays healthy… to handle it and limit the time and exposure?

MZ: It’s a process and they are working on it. One thing we are good at is waiting…..we don’t like it but we are good at it.   One good thing if they roll this out in pieces is….we know people are going and our turn is next…..

Member:  California suspended mortgages

Member:  My bank suspended all payments in VA

Member:  now that they have signed off do you feel the rest is going to be released Judy has some interesting information from Fleming if you read her report from today

MZ: I don’t know what they said but boy is the chatter good everywhere today.

Member:  Good Morning Mark and everyone! Did you hear Trump signed in temporary Cancellation of Habeas Corpus? I love it!

MZ: I love it…this should be the big take down

Member:   Trump recalled 1 million ex-service that have been out up to 7 years

Member:  He also called up 1 million reserves to Active duty.

Member:  I heard from a reliable source that the Clean Up (Arrests, etc.) will last until at least May 11th!!

Member:  Trump wishing Bon Voyage to USNS Comfort today…destination Club Gitmo?

Member:  Floating prisons going to New York then to GITMO


Member:  Bob Dylan – Murder Most Foul – new music…about the murder of JFK

Member:  is it truth or rumor that the navy ship mercy heading to Ny is to accommodate the transfer of those arrested to gitmo ?

Member:  “May God have MERCY on your soul” is a phrase used when executing death sentence. COMFORT care is given to the dying


Member:  First arrest shocks the world… Q

Q: Does anyone know where it states that trump took over the federal reserve? I missed it.

Member: Go read recaps today and listen to X22 last night

Member:  Joe M posted about the Federal Bank going down bankrupt gone into treasury and Donald Trump is in control of treasury

MZ: I don’t know JoeM?

Member:  Joe M make videos. His famous video is called, The Plan to Save the World” It is so awesome

Member:  ding dong the fed is dead, the fed is dead, the fed is dead… ding donged the wicked fed is dead!!!!!

MZ: Remember 3 weeks ago I mentioned that bankers in Europe told me that the US treasury had taken control of the Federal Reserve.   So it’s been 3 weeks now and they have already gone through logistics and taken control of our Federal Reserve and central banks.

Member:  history in the making and April showers bring May flowers

MZ: And we have a front row seat.

Member:  We are so lucky to be alive during this time in history….

MZ: Yes we are….I hate how long it’s taken and how many people have suffered and died waiting…..but now we will all have the chance to make the world better.

Member:  Trump wants it done by Easter

Q: Anything new on rates?

MZ: No….they have stayed the same over the last few months.

Q: Are you worried 4b wont get any contract rates?

MZ: I am not worried about that at all….not in the least…..They have spent to long negotiating and putting things in place…honestly they are going to need liquidity. A gold backed or asset backed currency cures a lot of things but they still need liquidity.  It will do so much for the economy.

Member:  Gold Standard is good because they can’t just print money like they have been doing.

Q:  has anyone heard of anything about 10 days of darkness

Member:  Rumor is Internet/ power down and Trump will communicate via EBS

MZ: I don’t believe we will see 10 days of darkness….maybe a day tops….maybe a few hours to force people to listen to the Emergency broadcast system.

Member:  I think that the 10 days of darkness is not for us but the arrests that will be ongoing so they can’t communicate.

Member:  I’m hoping for 10 days of gitmo tv

Member:  I have been preparing my Housemates for what is coming! They think that I am Crazy!!

MZ: The whole world has been thinking we are crazy……we are about to have our “Aha” moment

MZ: Everyone enjoy the weekend…enjoy family and stay well….I may pop back in tomorrow…I enjoyed chatting today . The next set stream is Monday morning at 10am est.