In Dinar Guru Updates, Jeff

Something significant has happened on the CBI website…what does it mean to ‘delete the zeros’? …it does not mean removing or withdrawing from circulation.  It’s referring to deleting the zeros in the exchange rate.  .00084 is the value of the US dollar against the dinar…if we took the zeros off the exchange rate it would become .84 …overall I call this a rate change process and it’s taking roughly 5 weeks.  Why would it take so long?  This was a multi-step process…[CBI website: General Price Index of ISX] Iraq Stock Exchange…transitioned from millions to billions…this new change structure was posted as of 4-13 of 2020…based on the math the dinar is currently about 80 cents range…General index means it gauges a change in purchase power against the value of whatever currency it’s reference.