In Dinar Guru Updates, Jeff

The decimal point has moved.  Iraq has basically dropped the zeros off the exchange rate.  That’s why they’re showing you that the value of these stocks [CBI’s ISX Price Index} have jumped from being worth in the millions to the billions. They transitioned to kind of a one-to-one…I told you that Iraq had already started the rate change process as of March 17th.  You’re now in the 6th week and I told you that the exchange rate has only changed on the accounting books not in the public realm.  None of this is public not even in country…This is more proof right here because the overall combined value of these companies’ shares have transitioned from millions to billions and there’s no way that these companies could have just done so magically…just because they do really good in the business world.  That’s just the most asinine logic I’ve ever heard…the movement of the price index is showing you that the companies jumped in combined share value from millions to billions because they deleted the zeros off that exchange rate.