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Tishwash: The US embassy in Baghdad: $ 5 million for anyone who provides information about the new ISIS leader

The US embassy announced, on Wednesday, the offer of its country’s government a reward of up to $ 5 million to anyone who provides information that leads to the identification or locating of the new leader of the terrorist organization ISIS, known as “Haji Abdullah” al-Mawla 2019.

A statement of the US embassy in Iraq received / Mawazine News / A copy of it, “The American government offered this reward to anyone who provides information that leads to identifying or locating the terrorist Muhammad Saeed Abdul Rahman al-Mawla, known as Haji Abdullah al-Mawla, as well as Abu Omar al-Turkmani and Abdul-Amir Muhammad Saeed al-Salabi, who was born in the city of Mosul in Iraq of the year 1976 Dread M new to the terrorist organization Daesh after the killing of al – Baghdadi. “

She added, “This terrorist is responsible for the bloodshed of innocent people and the killing and abduction of Iraqi and non-Iraqi civilians.”   link