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Big Banks Scrambling is GOLD-en – Let’s help Trump drain them!

July 23-2020

The world is going back to a Gold Standard as the US Dollar is about to collapse~ Peter Schiff


Big Banks relied on interest rates to make coin from us!  Big Banks relied on criminal enterprise money to show on their balance sheets.  Big Banks laundered dirty money from horrid trafficking crimes.  They knew they had us held hostage.  They knew children were getting trafficked.  They knew about criminals laundering their money.  WHY THE HECK DIDN’T THEY EVER REPORT THEM?

Prior Article of Media knowing about Pedo crimes and failed to report it

Now, the Big Banks are scrambling and truly playing the STUPID card!  Even my local bank will not deposit checks from those that sent donations by mail because of minor technicalities.  HOW CRAZY IS THAT!!!   They know that the Gold Standard will destroy them!

They know GESARA will destroy them because most people will be paying cash for items rather than charging or getting a loan.  The Feds aren’t buying REPO’s any longer.  All their criminal enterprise money is no longer.  When credit card debts are “forgiven”, the banks may get the principal amount of the charges paid off, but they are not getting the interest on those cards.

Our courageous President Trump isn’t giving these Big Bankers any bail out…these idiots are now on their own.  Remember, they did not become wealthy because they were smart, they got there because they had criminal enterprises running through their banks; profited from us; and their buddy, the Fed Reserve worked out sweet deals with them!  These bankers will soon deserve the title “idiot” bankers soon!

President Trump has touted Community Banks.  I may use the Big Bank for certain transactions and then move to a smaller bank.

Hey, didn’t Jamie Dimon have heart surgery?  Interesting because that kind of news doesn’t usually circulate for publicly traded companies, for it would destroy their balance sheets.  So what really happened to him?  AND these idiots cannot have stock buy backs until late September.  Hmmmm…..that ties in beautifully with President Trump’s Greatness plan!  JPM moves $1.8B to Qatar Article.

I just hope that if these big banks are still around, that they will have different leaders running them.  PLUS, they will be stupid but sweet because they know exactly what is coming and they want to keep you as their customer.

WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOW HAVE THE POWER!  Just like President Trump promised us!

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