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Article: “Abbadi consultant: external funding sources for the 2017 budget deficits amounting to three billion dollars.”

Quote: “Central Bank and Finance Ministry and other agencies Goals and plans contained in the agreement will give an important signal ahead of major international institutions and States to provide funding and facilities to support the financial situation in Iraq by supporting funding for the State budget and multiple projects as paving the IMF’s statement to the third review which will start in the month of September next to continue with the programme and the consequent to an external support Iraq.”

[It sounds like they want this new economic engine switched on between now and their September review meeting.]

I don’t think anyone would argue your point.

The IMF issues these monies expecting certain benchmarks to either be adhered to and or addressed.

With Mosul out of the way, there are no more excuses for the GOI, Parliament and the CBI to progress at a faster pace.

Not taking away from Tel Afar or Hawija as hot spots as far as ISIS.