[“Iraq has been telling us for about a year…the “MOOKLA” (beginning of the year)…that we would see some amazing changes/movement of their Read More


Don961: “Moody’s” recovery Osaralinvt provides an opportunity for economic reforms in the Gulf

30 December 2016

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Mangelo: If the contract (rate) is available to me I will ask first to see and read the NDA first, I have been … Read More


Evenstar: Will this Saturday Night be “It”???????

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From the various sources I have maintained over the past four plus years, I will report the following on what I have been … Read More


Article: “Iraq’s higher gold reserves to 7.7%

Quote: “Iraq’s reserves of gold remained stable and did not change, reaching 89.8 Read More


Phenom: Alright! Iraq and 208 other countries is ready and will participate in Gold/asset backed currencies and activation of the Global Currency Reset… Read More


“Holiday Quickie”……..”Let those with Eyes – SEE, and those with ears – HEAR”

A handful of major banks in the U.S., suddenly and … Read More