Frank26: KTFA FAMILY …………….. Wanna play? …………. Ok …………. Then i have a question for You……. For i believe You have not considered this ……. Please enjoy then we will explain on CC tonight………. So let me see many opinions posted …….. TY :

Qt……….. Do You think A will be found in Switzerland at DAVOS or in DC for Trump’s inaugural …………. ON THE 20TH OF JANUARY ???

Baker:  Frank my guess is DC for Trump’s inaugural!

Fenway:  I actually thought of this, this morning when I saw that Davos ends on Inauguration day Thinking Abadi will leave his delegation in Switzerland on the 19th and fly to Washington for the 20th.  I expect that is more important to him for many reasons.  And that’s what I’m hoping he does.  IMO.

KMangmt:  I’m hoping he’ll go to Davos, and show off to everyone there the new international rate for his country.  Then, as that meeting ends, take the next flight to DC for Trump’s inauguration.  He can then tell Trump, “Hey buddy.  I lit that fuse before I jumped on the plane to come over here.  Let’s start this relationship off with a big BANG!!!  WOO HOOOOO!!!!!”  And…throw in some fireworks for good measure.

Jay:  Josh and I were discussing this last night..LOL   We both felt it to be very conflicting and quite impossible to be in 2 places at once. With that said we both felt that the Davos happens every year. A Trump Inauguration happens only once, for now.  So in with you posing this EXACT ? I/we are going with the Inauguration.

MilitiaMan:  He’ll go to Davos and collect contracts and then meet in DC right on time, imo..

Crystal:  Yes…I thought the same thing. He’d go to Switzerland and then leave to be there with trump on the 20th!!

Boxman:  He will be at the inauguration…this will be far more important to his future and that of Iraq and America…than the annual meeting in Davos…he can send government officials from CBI and GOI to this meeting..

Maydeeandlindee:  I say Washington  D. C. because the new rate will be activated by then. Why go to Davos for a third time with a program rate?

Dusti:  Davos starts next Tuesday.  IMO, I think he will be at both at one point in time, but definitely in DC on the 20th. And, IMO, he WILL be a big deal at Davos as well as in DC, and he will be respectfully and genuinely greeted in DC as opposed to last time he was there.

Molson88:  IMO…I am with everyone saying that he will go to Davos in Switzerland, then skip out at the last minute and head for DC, just in time for the Inauguration.  If, for some reason, though he cannot make both, he will skip Davos (sending someone else), and go straight for DC.  IMO, him and Trump are starting a budding relationship and have lots to talk about.  Remember all those “secret closed door meetings” you mentioned on Monday? Yeah! Anybody can go to Davos in his place…Abadi is more concerned with shaping his new relationship with Trump! IMO.

SlappySquirrel:  Davos is 17th -20 if memory serves correct. .
A will be in Davos 17th and 18th..to show off his “New” Country.. then 19th-20th flies over for T’s Inauguration… Again to show off his ” New” country.  And start Iraq/USA on a new course of better relations and trade /business. .Better cooperation over ALL with ALL of our ALLIES.. after jan. 20th.  …imo

GBGolden:  I think A will be at T’s innauguration.  Dr. S is in Switzerland and may be asked to step out of retirement briefly for that meeting.  Wouldn’t it be great to reach 20K on the Dow on the 20th?

Elenor55:  Switzerland because of Investment opportunities with different countries and  industries for the advancement of Iraq Internationally!

GFulcher66:  F26 my guess is we will be too busy setting up our exchange plan to care where A is by the 20th!!

Walkingstick:  Keep in mind, many articles… state, an invitation …after, the inauguration ceremonies. Including, Abadi’s press release.




Beas45:  Ty walking stick   I was thinking i read that somewhere ..AFTER, THE INAUGURATION… I think A will be in davos and be WITH trump AFTER the inauguration…IMO only..

Fireball92:  The Trump victory was and is HISTORY MAKING…. Abadi’s progress since taking office is also HISTORY MAKING…. And Abadi is committed to bringing his country to ‘Top Tier’…. There is so much at stake, so no way he will not be at the Donald’s Inauguration. His attendance is a MUST as he will not disrespect Trump as he was disrespected…. of course IMO

ComingSoon:  IMO, he’ll be playing the TRUMP CARD in DC on the 20th. Davos is 17-20. It would be very easy for Abadi to open with Davos and close with TRiUMPh. IMO

7-Fa:  Well…………Me thinky that A very well may be in DC for such of a event and might even be giving Trump a few high fives….

FrostyTheSnowman:  Frank … interesting question.

I was actually online trying to find out if Odrama was going to be attending the Davos meeting (so he would have a reason to skip Trump’s inauguration).  Nope.  O will be in DC … but taking Michelle on another vacation afterwards … (can’t get enough of those, I guess).
The lame-street-media is only reporting about 2 dozen names … out of the 3,000 who will attend the 2017 World Economic Summit in Davos, Switzerland.


Christine LaGarde – IMF
Khalid al-Falih – Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister
Sheryl Sandberg – CEO Facebook
Matt Damon – Hollywood Actor
Joe Biden – USA VP
Benoit Coeure – European Central Bank
Xi Jinpig – General Secretary of Communist Party of China
Shakira – Song Writer
Theresa May – UK Prime Minister
Jeroen Dijsselbloem – Eurogroup President
Forest Whitaker –  Hollywood Actor
Jack Ma – Chinese Business Magnate (founder Alibaba Group)
Bill Gates – MicroSoft co-founder
Satya Nadella – CEO MicroSoft
Nico Rosberg – German Formula One Racing Driver
Joseph Stiglitz – Nobel Prize Winner
Larry Summers – Former Treasury Secretary


Not sure how one gets on this list.

They must use Common-Core.

My guess is Abadi will be in DC at Trump’s inauguration … because Monday’s CC said so.

Mike100:  now the BIG question. Will Iraq go to Davos with a weak program rate worthless currency or will they go to Davos to make a bold statement with a strong currency and Say to the investors”come on in” we are Ready to rock and roll!!!

MilitiaMan:  I am with you on this one. There is no way Abadi is going to A) go to Davos or B) DC with a program rate. That would be like going to gun fight with a knife.. I will go with collecting as many contracts in Davos as possible, then show up to” Tr-white” House ready for a new job.. 


Walkingstick:  Iraq participates in the World Economic Forum in Davos, which starts next Tuesday

Iraq participate in the Davos World Economic Forum , which will be launched next week in Switzerland.

It is expected that the Iraqi delegation headed by Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, and discuss ways to support Iraq ‘s economic reconstruction and the liberated areas.

And politicians will attend a major international companies and the heads of the activities of the Forum in the period from 17 to January 20 this month.

The World Economic Forum is a membership organization, with a membership of a thousand of the world ‘s largest companies are usually capital cycle is greater than five billion US dollars.

These companies are ranked among the top companies in its field and play a leadership role in shaping the future of their industry and the region in which it operates and is considered the heart of the activities of the Forum and its support is the basis for Aajae suitable to improve the status of the world ‘s global solutions.



Walkingstick:  The presence of three thousand prospective economic and political official 

Post a copy of the record 47 of the Davos Forum

Geneva : World Economic Forumwill be held from 47 to 17 January 20 inSwiss Alps this year withparticipationrecord three thousand attendglobal economic and political official, ledPresident Hu Shi Jianping.

Said Professor Klaus Schwab (78 years), the founder of the Forum, which annually attracts thousands of people to Davos, told reporters, said that the title of the event will be this year, “responsible leadership”.

He told AFP: “The main concern of this year’s meeting will be the Chinese delegation, which will be led by President Shi Jianping.”

He added: “will be devoted considerable attention to the issue of Brixt and the future of Europe.” It is expected that the British prime minister Theresa May participate in the Forum, according to the list of participants delivered to the press.

He explained that the participants “will address a much anticipated expectations with the arrival of the new US administration” to the White House.

President-elect Donald Trump and will be sworn in on January 20, the last day of the Davos Forum, which will be attended by a representative of the new US administration in the person of Anthony Skramochi.

And it will attend the Davos forum also a delegation from the Obama team, headed by Vice President Joe Biden and John Kerry’s foreign minister.

Turning Schwab to “command responsibility”, and stressed the need to search for “reasons” the anger of the people, find out “the cause of the wrath of the people and not to their satisfaction.” He continued: “To achieve this we need courageous leaders make decisions and apply them.”

He will also attend the new Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, as well as ministers representing 70 countries, including the Group of Twenty nations.

And it will represent the business circles admins two years to nearly a thousand companies.
The forum also will attend the figures from the art world such as actors Matt Damon, one of the founders of the organization “and Otr.aorg” non-governmental, and Forest Whitaker, who launched “Whitaker Pace & Development” initiative.