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I Wish to announce i will start our W CC at 7 pm est without any (business ) talk.

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MilitiaMan:  IMO, it is all about the money. So much in fact, that imo it is all the more reason for Abadi to at least show up in Davos before heading to DC.

Hey look everyone what I have! What is that Abadi? Is that fresh routing numbers from IBAN? Yep! Who wants theirs? As he slides a Gold and Black briefcase across the table.. lol Did I tell you all about the Finance Center in Mosul that was just Liberated? No, or wait was that not in the news and the briefing we just got the other day on the conference?

Yeppers.. Just an FYI for all you folks ( I mean mulit-billion $ investors.) , I will be going to see the New Leader of the Free World in a few days and just so you know, wire transfers are a go now. So all the deals need to be in the “Bag-Dad” as soon as possible.

I wouldn’t want to hear the two words that are un-spoken in my office.. Uh, whats that Abadi? Your Fired! Just for asking.. lol

(Quotes from Delta) “the banking institutions will now be able to move money in and out of Iraq….this is Article 8 Frankie….remember this is what I used to talk about a long time ago….that investors basically needed to be able to move money both inside of Iraq and outside of Iraq and they could not do that before…but this will let that happen now….this is why now they don’t need the auctions and why they had the auctions in the first place….their systems didn’t have the SWIFT Codes, they didn’t have the IBAN… now with the IBAN what is happening is that you don’t need the auctions…now you can buy cash and they have given this responsibility to a different department.” ~ Delta

“so you can wire money say from the US to Iraq which will all be digital and electronic now with the proper routing numbers and ID for the banks and their codes which represent the address of the banks within those numbers.” ~ Delta



MilitiaMan:  I seem to keep coming back to this IBAN move.. It is HUGE! They are now able to wire transfer and move DINAR internationally, all orchestrated before the Davos Conference Switzerland and the Inauguration Day on the 20th in Washington DC.

Masoum just told the world they passed the Budget Law for 2017 and it is sent to the Gazzette. The timing of all this is extraordinary!

If logic prevails Abadi having been to Davos in relatively recent past and a follow up in Germany with the same or similar crowd, knows full well what is going on.. As, they (the Investors) have probably been apprised of the on goings in Iraq, as closely as we have with even a tighter pulse under the cuff.

This is show time imo. There is plenty of time for Abadi to be in Davos and then onto DC and home again if need  by Market open come the following Sunday. Personally, imo they won’t take that long.  Sure is fun watching this play out..

(Quotes from Delta )  “but the indicative exchange rate has not changed since January 4th and it used to change all the time….this is all very interesting…..these dates, their activities and announcements…..indicating they are international….only one thing left that has to change…their rate….remember a couple of weeks ago Frankie I told you we should listen to the CBI they are not lying to us….what they are doing is for their citizens….and they had stated this would happen by January the Iraqi dinar would be international, they would be lifting the value of the currency, introduce the LD’s…..so this is all lining up very nicely Frankie….we all know that with this move they would not be doing it unless they were about to go international…so I think they are trying to make their move.” ~ Delta

“.this all is lining up really nicely….I do believe January to be the month and even this week with all this information about the IBAN is more indication that they are ready to go.” ~ Delta
“but remember no one can wire there unless the dinar is international unless they announce it today and they are about to pull the trigger….everything is linked….their banking system is ready to go….from the horse’s mouth they are ready to go and activated on January 2nd.” ~ Delta

Frank reading note from DELTA:  Frankie the CBI announced to all banks in Iraq for them to submit their order to buy currency through a different department of the CBI because the CBI will not handle auctions anymore….effective as of today (January 8th).

Frank:  That is like the CBI saying we don’t need to use the primitive way we used to do business to get money in Iraq because now we have an international way of doing it….it is called IBAN….so you banks when you need currency….go ahead and send in your requests….send it in to the CBI….we will give you permission…and you go and do your thing with the auctions….because we, the CBI, we don’t need that level anymore….you little  banks here in Iraq you take care of us domestically with the auctions….but we, the CBI, the mother and father of you little banks we are going to take care of you through the international world….through the IBAN connection and everything else that we have established with our international systems….all the way to their Stock Exchange….their budget….I mean everything.~ Frank26




Don961:  Ebadi receives written message from Chinese Prime Minister on strengthening relations between the two countries

By Roudao 55 minutes ago

received Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, on Wednesday, a written message from Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, on bilateral relations between the two countries.

A statement by the Prime Minister ‘s Office seen by Roudao Media Network, said that “al – Abadi, received today, the Chinese ambassador in Baghdad, who carried a written message from the president of his country ‘s Government Li Keqiang on the bilateral relations between the two countries and the desire of China to uphold.”

He congratulated the Chinese ambassador , according to the statement, on behalf of his government to “victories achieved on the Iraqi army Daesh terrorist gangs China and the Government and people keen on supporting Iraq in its war against terrorism and in other areas.”

For his part, al – Abbadi stressed the “depth of the relationship between the two countries and Iraq ‘s desire to increase trade with China


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