KTFA CC (Monday Night CC Notes by Aggiedad77)

Aggiedad77:  Here are the notes for Monday Night’s CC Family….enjoy   Aloha    Randy

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CC Notes for Monday 01-09-2017

Please note that this CC has a bit of a different structure to it, first Frank received a phone call from DELTA that will be transcribed here, then following the business part of the Monday Night CC Bluestar will be online talking about the Electoral College confirmation done in the Senate Chamber last Friday, for that I intend to use Frosty’s summarized notes, and THEN we will get into the meat of the Monday Night CC regarding our investment with the Iraqi dinar.

You guys are going to get a treat and you can listen…..Frank calls DELTA and leaves a message…..”DELTA I just got your message, you must have just got this then….tell you what the moment you get something that we can back it up….please put it on the forum….then DELTA calls in to Frank…..

Frank:  Can you hear me, you are actually live on the CC and the Family can hear you, but that doesn’t matter to me….DELTA did you just hear this right now….did this just come in right now.

DELTA:  No this is an announcement from the CBI which I believe came up on the 8th I believe on the CBI website….a lot of people couldn’t look at it or translate it…this is basically the CBI sending the message to all the banks and all the money changers that officially from now on starting on the 8th they have to send their submission to buy the currency….you know how it is when they wish to buy currency they have to submit their request directly to the CBI….but now it looks to be different….

It appears the CBI will not be involved with the auctions anymore effective on the 8th…..this will now be handled by a different department…this department will be responsible for handling these requests in the future….so the CBI is formally letting go of these auctions…..I do remember from a long time ago that as soon as they go international they would have a different department who would handle those requests concerning the buying of currency and everything…..I know some Family members had seen this but could not read it….and I just had a chance to read it and wanted to get it to you before you started your CC.

Frank:  Hey this is not the end of the auctions is it.

DELTA:  No…no remember even when they do go international and they revalue the dinar they won’t have an auction like they do right now….but the banks will still have requests for dollars and now they will have to go to a different department….it will be like in the US if you want to buy foreign currency you don’t go through an auction but the bank will sell you currency…..in Iraq it will be the same process….they won’t have the auctions that they have had….it will be a different process through a different department….this will affect their wire system…..remember the IBAN that is international number, we talked about that a couple of months ago.

Frank:  I know I can’t wait to talk about that tonight….I’m going to go crazy….I am going to go IBAN on the IBAN tonight….what was amazing that at the first of December after you and I talked about it the rest of the internet still didn’t know what it meant…..I saw that the rest of the gurus didn’t even teach it to their people….but our Family knows it very well….now that they see the IBAN back up again….oh my gosh they are just screaming what they are doing.

DELTA:  Just think about the significance….you and I know….but just thing about it now….the banking institutions will now be able to move money in and out of Iraq….this is Article 8 Frankie….remember this is what I used to talk about a long time ago….that investors basically needed to be able to move money both inside of Iraq and outside of Iraq and they could not do that before…but this will let that happen now….

This is why now they don’t need the auctions and why they had the auctions in the first place….their systems didn’t have the SWIFT Codes, they didn’t have the IBAN…now with the IBAN what is happening is that you don’t need the auctions…now you can buy cash and they have given this responsibility to a different department….so now the CBI will get busy on other things because now what will happen is that everything will be electronic….so you can wire money say from the US to Iraq which will all be digital and electronic now with the proper routing numbers and ID for the banks and their codes which represent the address of the banks within those numbers….

There is a website for the IBAN and if you look there it appears that the CBI and every bank in Iraq is listed there now….the note from the CBI says it is effective on the 2nd but they just announced it yesterday….some Family members have noticed too that the indicative exchange rate has not changed since the 4th…..they are still showing whatever the rate is the auctions….but the indicative exchange rate has not changed since January 4th and it used to change all the time….this is all very interesting…..these dates, their activities and announcements…..indicating they are international….only one thing left that has to change…their rate….remember a couple of weeks ago Frankie I told you we should listen to the CBI they are not lying to us….what they are doing is for their citizens….and they had stated this would happen by January the Iraqi dinar would be international, they would be lifting the value of the currency, introduce the LD’s…..

So this is all lining up very nicely Frankie….we all know that with this move they would not be doing it unless they were about to go international…so I think they are trying to make their move….this all is lining up really nicely….I do believe January to be the month and even this week with all this information about the IBAN is more indication that they are ready to go….but remember no one can wire there unless the dinar is international unless they announce it today and they are about to pull the trigger….everything is linked….their banking system is ready to go….from the horse’s mouth they are ready to go and activated on January 2nd.

Frank:  Roger….IBAN was set up on the second….a lot of things were set up on the 2nd to be ready to go….that is the Mookla of 2017 in order to bring in the reform.

Frank reading note from DELTA:  Frankie the CBI announced to all banks in Iraq for them to submit their order to buy currency through a different department of the CBI because the CBI will not handle auctions anymore….effective as of today (January 8th).

Frank:  That is like the CBI saying we don’t need to use the primitive way we used to do business to get money in Iraq because now we have an international way of doing it….it is called IBAN….so you banks when you need currency….go ahead and send in your requests….send it in to the CBI….we will give you permission…and you go and do your thing with the auctions….because we, the CBI, we don’t need that level anymore….you little  banks here in Iraq you take care of us domestically with the auctions….but we, the CBI, the mother and father of you little banks we are going to take care of you through the international world….through the IBAN connection and everything else that we have established with our international systems….all the way to their Stock Exchange….their budget….I mean everything.

DELTA:  Exactly, remember if they are international they don’t need the auctions anymore….they are able to pay for things with their dinar…and by allowing another department to handle the dollars, this says they will not have a high demand for the dollar anymore…..they are able to wire dinars internationally based on this system and the technique the CBI is using….this gives the indication they are about to announce this and go international….look back into the Final Articles thread all those articles were talking about early 2017 and I do not feel the CBI was lying….even in Arabic they were saying this….that in January the IQD should be international….one of the articles spoke of the benefits with the deletion of the 000’s and this is one of them…they don’t need those auctions anymore….just wanting to make it clear….this is still within the CBI but it is now a different department that will be handling those kinds of money requests….the CBI itself used to do all this work….with this move it is a huge announcement….and hardly anyone knows about it because most can’t read Arabic.

Frank:  I find it amazing they are constantly showing examples….not reasons….but examples to go international….they are doing everything the IMF wanted them to do….as far as I am concerned everything in country the 1 to 1 rate up to 1.15 a gradual growth that has allowed the RI into the RV into the Mookla of this year…the budget is not being hidden from us….it is being hidden for us….they protect it….oil got to exactly where it needed to be….now we need the next thing Mosul….once we have Mosul….Security and Stability, so what does Security and Stability mean….it means that al-Baghdadi is dead…it means we have the center of Mosul….it means the CBI has enough confidence to go ahead and raise the value because they have the Security and Stability that Dr. Shabibi has been talking about…ever since this was postponed back in 2014.

DELTA:  Remember too that because they made the announcement today but it is effective back to the 2nd that they must have the green light and that Mosul must not be an issue anymore….everyone knows what the IBAN means….they will be allowed to transfer money back and forth and movement and freedom of capital…that is Article 8…recognizable tradable currency…so they got the green light and for this they are very positive…and remember Mookla means the start, the early part of 2017….so we watch what they do…

But I think they have been following exactly what the IMF has laid out for them to do….and done what the IMF has asked them to do…there is only one thing left….approve the Foreign Policy Exchange…and remember this was one of the recommendations for them to do for the IMF and this is what they are trying to do right now…..I think Mosul is a done deal and this week we should be hearing more good news for us….the CBI has the green light to go ahead and move forward because with Mosul it looks like it is 99%…and remember they cannot delay this longer for some very important reasons….

The budget has to come out….until the budget comes out no one is going to get paid…so everyone is waiting on that…IMO something has to happen in the next 72 hours….the budget has to come out….if the President doesn’t sign it then it will come out anyway after 15 days and that will take us to around the 15th or 16th…and like they told us the LD’s have to come out the same time as the rate….we will see what happens but it is all good news…I just wanted to call and give you confirmation about that announcement towards the IBAN….so the next 72 hours is a hotspot…so from now to the end of Thursday.

Frank:  alright brother if you do find the article that has been translated, just send me a text that you are going to put it up on the forum so that I know it is up there….obviously the other guru’s will take it and run with it, but that is ok….today is amazing it is like a 1…2…combination….I feel like I am fighting Mohammed Ali or Joe Frazier and I just got knocked out with this information….this is amazing….they are doing a lot of things that are of the Monetary Reform…and they don’t mean to keep it secret or hidden…it is just that it is none of our business….they are going about the Monetary Reform….they just don’t go around bragging about it….the ones who are independent….like the economists for the CBI or the economists for the GOI…they are the ones who put out the articles saying….look what they are doing at the GOI…at the CBI….yeah we do but you don’t need to put out that information we know they are lifting the 000’s.

DELTA:  I agree with you Frankie…remember the CBI told us so many times with the Final Articles it is due in January there will be no more delays…remember they are doing this for their own people….they don’t care about outsiders….they know when they go international then a lot of outsiders as investors will be coming in because of the value….but they do this because of their own citizens…they are trying to fix their Monetary Policy….they are trying to fix their currency…they have told us exactly what they are trying to do and it looks like they are already doing that…they have taken care of the counterfeiting the money laundering all that has been fixed up to this point…and this will answer a lot of questions that many people  had before….

How will they support trillions and trillions…well they will be all digital like the US…I dare any of you in the US to go to the bank and try to withdraw $1 trillion….or $1 billion of course you can’t do that….the same thing in Iraq….if you want to buy a house, they will wire the money or give cashier’s checks…something like that….and no one will be going to exchange their currency because their currency will have value…..just like with the dollar….you don’t go exchange your dollars for Euros or Canadian dollars…and it is the same with the Iraqi dinar….

They had to fix the Monetary Reform that is why the IMF a long time ago told them maybe 5 or 6 years ago…we will help you…but you have to do 2 things for us…one was the taxes and tariffs, and the other thing was the lifting of the 000’s….if you don’t ever lift the 000’s you will never be able to go international….and this is basically what the CBI is doing and the government of Iraq….this is mainly through Abadi and the CBI governor who it looks like is doing an excellent job…they give him a lot of credit….he’s doing what they need but like with any ME country they are very slow and it will take them time but they will accomplish it….

I do believe they are ready….everything else has been done, Mosul is not an issue, they just are waiting for the rate to be plugged in…it is in Abadi’s hand….that it is set….oh and before I forget with regard to the bonds that the US is guaranteeing…they did not give them the money…they are just basically guaranteeing the bonds that Iraq is going to introduce….remember too that the US Treasury is not going to cosign for someone unless they know you are ready…..remember those bonds were supposed to happen a long time ago but with the rate or the credit rating they couldn’t do them….now the US has signed the deal with them on Thursday…they are ready to go….it is again like buying a house and your credit rating is not good you ask me to cosign with you, I’m not going to cosign if I don’t know you have some income that will be coming in….so this is what the US is doing for Iraq.

Frank:  Look at what Citibank did three weeks ago or something….all of these moves….it is like chess you are not going to make a dumb move and put yourself in checkmate….know what I mean…they are making all of these wonderful moves for them to become an international entity….and they have all the equipment and all of the systems in place to do so….and we are supposed to say oh yeah they are not going to raise the value of their currency…that is the last thing they are thinking about…STOP IT….just be QUIET…just BE STILL.

End of call with DELTA

We are now ready to start our CC regarding our study of the Iraqi dinar…and before we do I want you to know I am not going to reach for straws to the point of telling you it is possible that when Abadi two years ago came to see Obama at the White House and Obama literally just turned his back on him, no more than about three feet away from him and just focused his attention on Christine Legarde of the IMF…while Abadi sat there like a 9 pin…wobbling not knowing if he was going to fall over to the right or to the left while he talked to his assistant…he looked at his watch…and you could feel the embarrassment for this man….you could actually feel the blood rush from your head down to your toes for the man….he eventually looks at his assistant….shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head and his assistant shakes his head….and they both walked away like a dog with their tail between their legs.

I’m not here to criticize Obama….he’s already done that for himself…he’s leaving…but I want you to know…what he did on that day….yes as I said to you the last time we were together…yes Abadi has a lot of camels in Iraq…but somewhere he must have a mammoth…a big elephant with a big memory and we are going to talk about that tonight….that is the first part of our CC tonight…but before I do and explain to you how we are going to talk about it….

I want you to know on Gateway Pundit…which is the USA Political Today section…you will be able to find that the President of the US, Obama, decided to hold a Commander in Chief meeting and have all of his Chiefs of Staff be there to support him during the ceremony at a base in Arlington, Virginia…and you know why he was holding this ceremony….because, he, Obama was being given the Department of Defense Medal of Distinguished Public Service…and you know what…he was the only one there at that presentation….our military sent a direct message to their Commander in Chief, Obama, a bunch of empty seats…our commanders who suffered under so much during the 8 years of leadership of this man, this President….our military will not miss Obama…and they just told him what they think of him as Commander in Chief….

No sir we do not support you in this ceremony or in anything you have done with us in the past….they left him a room empty with seats….he has had the worst Foreign Policy of any American President….he even has a deal that he tried to whip up with Iran and he talks about it…but as a lawyer you would think he would never talk about it because the deal was never signed by Iran….he plays on a different set of rules….he has an audacity that is really hard for me to comprehend as the Commander of our Armed Forces….and by the way do you know who was giving Obama this medal….from the Department of Defense….the Distinguished Public Service Award….Obama himself.

We have a dear brother that you and I know and trust, he goes by the name of Bluestar…and you know about 5 years ago Bluestar was at a meeting where Dr. Shabibi was speaking and Bluestar asked him when do you think you are going to raise the value of your currency…and after a long pause Dr. Shabibi looked at Bluestar and said….well I believe when we have Security and Stability would be much better….Family we have Security and Stability being born in Iraq within a matter of hours IMO….but I want you to know that our dear brother who talked to Dr. Shabibi went over to Capitol Hill this weekend this Friday and he was there at the Joint House Certification Vote to witness Donald Trump becoming the new President of the USA…..I’ve invited Bluestar to be with us right now for the next 10-20 minutes, whatever you need to take to tell you about this ceremony….when Bluestar is done I have one more question for him…and then we will get into the study of the latest we have to share with you on the Iraqi dinar.

I am posting the summary notes that Frosty made of Bluestar’s talk with the Family.

JOHN (BlueStar) – a number of people have tried to obstruct the process of Trump to get in.  This past Friday, I attended the House Certification Vote for the Presidency.  That was a special day.

JOHN — We witnessed a hearing far worse than Watergate.  When I saw this … I was spellbound – I couldn’t believe what I was watching.  Please watch the 6-7 minute YouTube segment … it was a very chilling … this is why I was so passionate about getting Trump elected.  Trump will defend America – and that is what we need right now.

Nancy Pelosi (and other uber Leftists) tried to disrupt the event.  After all of the certification took place, another 5 folks got up to protest the proceedings.

Frank, I will tell you, it was a remarkable day … I’ve been here 35 years now.  I will be witnessing history on Inauguration Day.
What we saw in 1976 … when Carter left office and Reagan taking office … the situation with Iran … that made history.

FRANK:  As you know, Jimmy Carter endorsed Barak Obama.
What we saw for 8 years was lawlessness.   The disregard for Prime Minster Abadi …I believe that we may have a timeline situation for the RV.

FRANK:  Do you think they are really going to wait until the 20th?  Does Abadi have the memory of an elephant?
JOHN:  I do Frank.  Do you allow this to push past the 20th?  You have to look at the big picture.   What does Abadi have to gain from Donald Trump?  I believe that the relationship between Abadi and Trump could be unbelievable!

FRANK:  We are considering this in our thoughts.  The whole Middle East has no respect for Obama.  He really messed up our foreign policy.  Thank you for coming on John.

Family….John expressed to you his feelings, emotions, and opinions….there was a good purpose for this.
There seems to be an EXCITEMENT for the new President coming in …and the old one leaving.

I gave you an example, the location of the video where he gave himself this medal….and many of you have already gone there and seen the empty seats…..or Commanders didn’t show up….we are done with this farce

It’s time to move forward….and I think Bluestar gave you a pretty good indication of the DC area feels right now…so that you can understand…maybe….how Abadi feels about what is going on in the US….Bluestar set the format for us tonight and I am about to build a house upon it.

Welcome to your study I want you to know IMO we are in the Mookla of 2017…and I am not shying away from that….the articles that we have in our thread called “Final Articles” are very powerful.

We even had one person today….Militia Man went into that thread and he pulled out a lot of articles and then he not only highlighted them with thought and conversation but also with many quotes from our CC’s in the last few weeks….it is a very good presentation….I would suggest all of you read that….I wish that would be copied and pasted and sent throughout the internet….

I am not shying away from the fact that they are dropping their 000’s…..I’m not shying away from the fact that they want to raise the value of their currency in the beginning part of 2017…and we know very well….at least we feel in our hearts….there is a plan for this….and if it goes past the 20th….well tonight you have heard some very good ideas….constructive criticism….point…counterpoint of why it may take up to the 20th.

It seems to me that we had a delay because of Obama and Maliki in 2014….interesting isn’t it.

During the weekend Family Parliament was busy with a lot of laws….I don’t know if they told you about them….but they were….our TEAMS are very shy right now to say much about anything…..tell you what….I know you are excited….but even Tarflat who had an operation today will tell you that our CC’s are exciting and that you might want to listen to what I have to say now.

And by the way the United States does not believe in giving any country that is working on its Monetary Reform a billion dollars in loans if their plans are to not raise the value….or if their plans are to go in the opposite direction with a LOP….nor are the “Final Articles” anywhere near trying to explain that to you.

There is no doubt about it…during the Christmas week it was very hot…there as a lot of talk about them being very close to releasing the rate….by the 31st we wanted to see the budget and we didn’t…on the 1st we still hadn’t seen the budget….but we found out they had put a hold on it by legality maneuver through their government….hmmm….we eventually learned that oil was stabile enough for their budget to come out….but we told you last time we were together that Mosul is what will give us the Security and Stability…and we’ve always said that once you see Mosul you will see the Monetary Reform rather quickly after that.

Frank26:  It is the Stability and the Security Family that still takes precedence right now….it is the most important thing….but you may be saying to yourself….Frank do we need to see a flag in the center of Mosul…why when the center of Mosul keeps moving…why does it keep moving….because the center of Mosul is where al-Baghdadi’s at…the hunt for al-Baghdadi is a serious one….it is an earnest kill mission…

It is not a capture mission…and this information was released by the Pentagon…that you yourself have read on our forum from the articles we had.

There is a newspaper out of Britain called ACS whose title says “Kill Mission”….they were talking about al-Baghdadi in Iraq…not only the Pentagon but the whole world now knows that they are going after al-Baghdadi to kill him.
We have broken through Mosul and we are way past the center….and as I told you about the Tigris River from the east to the west in my postings throughout the weekend you know very well where we are at….it is very intense fighting….but DAASH is outgunned….they are outnumbered…they are out everything….they don’t even have outhouses…and I posted to you yesterday three times…in the first one I stated…they are close enough to issue kill orders….then I came later in the afternoon and I said Family we are now meters away from al-Baghdadi and then at the end I said al-Baghdadi is releasing prisoners that he had arrested for cowardice and sending them out to the front to fight….I think as soon as they get to the front…they are going to surrender.

There is a very good reason for the word 72…and on Wednesday’s CC we gave you three 72’s did we not….that is not a coincidence Family….especially when I like things in threes….72…72….72 I don’t care how many more 72’s Abadi wants…let him have them…it is that simple….do we have al-Baghdadi yet….no…72 please….the mission is to bring Security and Stability to Iraq for the international world to feel confident Family…for the CBI to feel confident to release that rate.

The military actions in Mosul with the Golden Division and our troops needs to be respected right now…there was an article that came out today that said….”During the 72 Hours of the Last Time Frame There was an Exodus of 4,500 Civilians from Their Neighborhoods From the East Side of Mosul”…yeah….4,500 civilians Family….they were protected and moved….72 at a time….72 clicks sir….whatever it takes….just get it done.

Now do you need Mosul in order to have the Monetary Reform….NO….do you need al-Baghdadi to have the Monetary Reform…..YES…I want you to know that IMO my FRIENDS who are in that theater are coming home in the first week of February….I want you to know that my FRIENDS if they are needed back in Mosul they will leave after the 14th of February….they are tired Family….sick and tired….counting dead bodies is not an easy thing to do….they are tired…and I ask you to pray for all of my FRIENDS….because what I just told you is huge….you just have to figure it out.

72….72….72 I don’t care give them a hundred 72’s….because we don’t need to see the center of Mosul…but we need to be close to it…sir we are past it….we are through it….good….then we are meters away from al-Baghdadi…..oh yes we are….good….IMO Mosul’s Security and Stability and the Monetary Reform are tied closely together Family…not that Mosul is the key to the Monetary Reform…IMO al-Baghdadi is the key…because the orders have gone a capture to a kill mission….nothing is going to stop us now…..there is only one goal and that is to kill this man….that is an active order….

They…we….are not interested in capturing al-Baghdadi…we do not wish to talk to him….we have no need to negotiate with him al-Baghdadi….when we found Saddam Hussein in the spider hole…it was a capture mission…it was not a kill mission….bin Laden was a kill mission….but know this KTFA Family….the intensity of these two…capture versus kill….there is no difference….for if the enemy were to raise their guns at us….then there would be no second thought…no worries…..it is a kill mission….even if it is under capture mission status….for those of you in the military you are sitting there shaking your heads up and down aren’t you.

IMO Family the results of the Monetary Reform in the Mookla of January of 2017 is right on target right now…IMO it is to be applied in the Security and Stability of 2017…not at some date that you seek….not at some date that you want…in the Stability and Security of this country….and I am asking you…especially those of you that show up late and demand….well get to the point….how dare you….this is not a forum where you can come in here and ask for a date and when we don’t give it to you…you create one and then we are wrong for you….this is a lava flow….I don’t know how many times I have to say that….this is not a search for Sasquatch….go find him…it has never been seen this date….yet we can see the “Final Articles” that are a part of our KTFA Thread, 23 of them that are very precious would you not agree….those are the concrete evidence of the Monetary Reform of the start of 2017….in the ME everything is always an urgency….they always do things down to the wire and you know that with me Family….and I call it what…the last nanosecond.

But know this….the ME never lets go of a good crisis….they never let a good crisis go to waste….IMO we are on course with no mid-course correction to the Monetary Reform….Abadi has camels but he has the memory of an elephant.

Abadi is going to be on US soil in the DC area around the 20th for Trump’s inauguration did you know that…..do you think that Abadi will say hello to Obama….hey buddy did you miss me.

I want you to note that an RV will never occur in Iraq without the Prime Minister being there.

I also want you to take note….that Donald Trump loves business opportunities…..Abadi will be on our soil in a few days…around the 20th….that is a big opportunity for Donald Trump to talk to him…right after he is sworn in….too bad that Obama didn’t feel that way in the last year on the front lawn of the White House.

Abadi and Trump have spoken twice since he was elected….what do you think they have said to each other…now they will talk face to face….and I ask you a question before they ask themselves a question….do you honestly think the RV is the last thing they would talk about…..do you really think that the RV topic between Donald Trump and Abadi does not exist….do you think it is taboo for them….do you think that Trump is ignorant about the Monetary Reform of his country and how they are going to be able to pay for the war….the same way it was paid for with Clinton and Kuwait…do you think that Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about Clinton and Kuwait.

I don’t look for a date….the lava flow is tremendous…now I don’t care if it goes into February or March….oh no he said February and March it’s going to go into that…..you know something….too bad…if you are that weak….too bad….I don’t care how long it takes…I care about the constant flow of the lava flow…if I see the lava stop…if I see someone put out an article that says no we change our minds we are not going to do anything at the beginning of 2017….then you got something to worry about….but all I see are the things needed for the Monetary Reform….the RV can happen at any day because it is their prerogative as a sovereign country…there is no date.

Abadi is not just coming for the inauguration…would you not agree….look IMO there are going to be a lot of private meetings…I think Abadi is going to stick around for 3-4 days…and these meetings will not have anything to do with the media….the media will be shutout….IMO what these meetings will entail will have a lot to do with the fuse being lit for the Monetary Reform….oh no now Frank is insinuating we won’t see it until the 20th….I don’t have a date….I have the constant lava flow of the Monetary Reform….from today until the 20th….until February….until March….until they get it done….but I will tell you this, I am looking for the RV…and in that time looking for what….72.

There is an issue that occurred that caused our TEAMS to say once again….look at that….come on….I mean they already told us about this in December…they already accepted this in the first week of December….here we are in the first week of January and not only was it accepted in the first week of December but it is now being implemented on the 2nd of January 2017….the Mookla….what is….what is….the IBAN….they are talking about it again…hmmmm do you remember in our CC that the math has to be done perfect this time…but there is no such thing as perfect Frank….in this case it has to be perfect….

Oh yeah I do remember you saying that….well what about it…..”The CBI Supports the International Mathematical Figures From the IBAN to Start as of January 2nd 2017”….whoa….but the IBAN is what allows banks to do transactions internationally with another country…can they do that at a program rate….there is no logic in it….the reason why you have the IBAN is because you don’t have a program rate…..oh….the reason why you have the IBAN is that you are dealing with an international currency….oh….but they haven’t announced all of those things…..you want to tell IBAN that….oh….IBAN was told to us….

Remember when DELTA came in and told us about IBAN….who…eye glasses…who…no one knew what DELTA and I were talking about….why….because it was on the CBI website in Arabic….so he comes in at 2 o’clock in the morning and he says Family you will not believe what they just announced on the CBI website on the Arabic side and I just translated it….what does it say….it says IBAN is going to be used internationally in Iraq with the banks…..not at a program rate….not with a currency with sanctions on it…..well you tell them that….and then all of a sudden today they bring back the subject don’t they Family….and then they tell you that the IBAN in the Iraqi banks through the CBI has been activated as of January 2nd….you know what they are doing….they are stirring the chocolate….they are stirring the chocolate….

I mean you may have chocolate on the spoon but you don’t have chocolate milk until you stir it…stir that spoon into the milk until you get chocolate milk….this stirring is necessary to educate and to let the international world know….you know what we told you about…yeah….you know how you can communicate with us internationally….yeah….you know only with our currency….yeah…well it is working now….yeah….well it is good to see this topic again….to stir is part of the plan of the Monetary Reform IMO Family…..do you understand what IBAN is Family….IBAN is the international banking form of communication….they don’t have an international currency do they…they are under sanctions aren’t they….they are in a program rate with the IMF aren’t they…you tell that to IBAN for the second time…and you tell them now that they have activated it they wasted a lot of time and money….

It is the CBI who has announced that the adoption….do you know what that means…they’ve taken on…the CBI announced today that the adoption of the international mathematical numbers for the IBAN in all local and foreign remittances is cool with them….why….because we like the mathematical numbers in the Mookla of 2017…well then show us the budget….show us the rate….we will….when…none of your business.

Why are we excited about this…because IBAN gives international banking account numbers and because you are a student you know darn well what this means….I would not have us to be ignorant nor foolish….IBAN cannot be used in a program rate….maybe you can use a program rate in the budget Family…but not in IBAN….because the software in IBAN is only for international transactions….so they are telling you something without telling you something….they are telling you they are international without showing you the rate yet…you understand.

So can I ask a simple question to anyone…..how is Iraq using the IBAN with a program rate….the answer would be….what program rate….the one that the CBI has on the CBI website…what rate on the CBI website….there is none…..oh yeah that is right….I feel foolish.

And again even though that is so powerful….there is someone sitting here with us wondering….so when is this going to happen.

You see Family this study that we are doing right now with you….this study is the substance of things hoped for…and the evidence of things not seen yet…wouldn’t you agree.

This study that we share with you right now is of private sessions and meetings with key Monetary Reform compartments that only truly know all of the moving parts of the Monetary Reform……you don’t….I don’t.

Let me give you an example….you know our precious brothers on our forum called Three Musketeers….they came out with a study or a program that was very well done….in fact CapandDavid posted earlier and I noticed that they said block chain…block chain that is all they kept posting….I don’t know if he was trying to mock our Three Musketeers or if he was just trying to mock me…..I know darn well what a block chain is…just because I didn’t talk about it on our forum…so what…the Three Musketeers have their job….I have my job….they explained to you what a block chain registry is all about…but it is just ONE of the many moving parts to the Monetary Reform Family…..this registry could indeed remove the duplication and efforts and carrying out the concepts of being well aware of what you are doing with other banks.

Do you remember I told you this sentence….now listen very carefully and tell me if you remember this sentence….Know your customer…one of the biggest things that I said Iraq is dealing with almost a month ago is that they need to know their customer….this is the basic principle of all banking structure and right now what they are doing….what they are setting up is to know their customer….block chain based registry…it is just one…and what you are seeing right now with IBAN is another….what we have taught you about oil prices is another….KYC…Know Your Customer…and all of a sudden you see an article that tells you the same exact words….”Well the Block Chain Based Registry if Carried Out Properly is to Know Your Customers”…..no kidding….Family the block chain registry that the Three Musketeers talked to you about….this ledger is used in real time…and it removes many of the mistakes on an international level….which is nothing more than another tool for the Monetary Reform of the Iraqi dinar.

I will give you another example….the budget….we said that roughly on the 17th or 18th it was on the desk of Masum and on the 2nd of January Abadi tells all of his commanders for 72 hours shut up….you don’t think the commanders know what Abadi knows…these are all examples of moving parts of the Monetary Reform….there are many of them…and then on top of that….I mean the next day after Abadi tells his commanders…ssshhh…don’t say a word….about what….what do you think Family….about the things that are going on in Mosul…about the things we are doing in our government right now….ssshhh….don’t say a word…and the next day I told you….we were the ones that released it….then the internet found out…in fact the internet didn’t even talk about it….a legitimate Egyptian newspaper that I gave you the link to…you went to and studied…they quickly came out the next day and they also talked about the mission statement that the dinar value is going to be at $3.32 to the dollar….will you ssshhh please…..then today IBAN once again resuscitated into the living of Iraq….ssshhh….will you stop it.

Then once again our brother on our forum Militia Man screams and says….hey…what…look what he said….what….”Iraq Central Bank Announced on Monday the Adoption of the International Mathematical Figures of the IBAN Starting From the 2nd of January 2017 in all the Local and Foreign Remittances”….not at a program rate….mathematical figures…and how many times did we tell you Family….they are getting the numbers right…and we told you all of the numbers that were involved…and the most important numbers that we calculated for you were the oil numbers and you know exactly how almost everything that we shared with you has almost literally fallen into place and has locked itself into a structure of understanding.

So Iraq has been hiding the 1 to 1 pretty well wouldn’t you say IMO….so let’s just say that we are now using a rate….you know not a program rate…..they are using some kind of a rate….but it is not the one that we seek right now….you see they stopped using a program rate due to the sanctions being lifted from many things…from Kuwait coming over….from IBAN showing up….from a lot of reasons….but IMO whatever this number is it is in its infancy state for the international world right now….we are slowly adjusting to the math because it has to be perfect….before the Stability and Security allows them to release the new rate to the global markets….many things are being set up to do this….to do international business with Iraq….I mean Citibank what they did and a few other banks what they they did…that we told you about….those are the latest and the best examples that we could give you.

By the way….I know there is a guru out there on the internet that is saying….ok we are up to 10 banks now that are accepting the Iraqi dinar and two credit unions and one parched tree or something like that….what…seriously….that is why we give you good stuff and then it is taken and put on silly putty and stretched out to the point where you cannot see what the true image was.

Iraq is not necessarily covering anything up….we are about the Monetary Reform on schedule….but we also by law that Iraq does not have to explain or tell us anything about the Monetary Reform steps….nor where we step right now on the Monetary Reform…it is just not our business.

Yesterday an Iraqi Major General comes out and he says….”We have a Big Surprise and We Will Announce this Big Surprise in the Next Few Days and this Big Surprise is Going to Make Everyone in Iraq Happy and Especially to the People in Mosul”….well the only thing I know of that would make everybody happy in order to release what is needed is Stability and Security.

By the way….I am just curious CBI….what….how are you guys doing….we are alright….are you ok you don’t talk that much anymore….yawning….we the CBI we are just bored….really….yeah…is there anything you want to say….no….come on and say something….you want me to say I’m going to release the rate….well whatever you want to say…would you like to say something….Abadi said to his people….shut up…every 72 hours…he keeps telling them to shut up….is there anything you want to say CBI….”We Would Like to say in the Case of Our Local Currency We now Monitor and Record Any Counterfeiting Operation and Handle Them Professionally and Very Accurately Any Fraud in the Local Currency is Controlled and does not Constitute Any Concern”….how is that…you guys are really bored aren’t you oh for crying out loud.

As we come to the close of your CC we now start back at the beginning….to understand a good book at the ending one has to read the beginning very well…..about 15 or 20 minutes before we started our CC DELTA came in today and he said Frankie I have an announcement in Arabic…I said are you done translating it….he says yeah I’m done translating….can I see it….so he sent it to me…Frank showed what was sent on Livestream….as you can see this is official…and as you can see it is all in Arabic…there is more to it than just that one page I am showing you…that is just to show you the announcement itself.

This is what DELTA said to us….and you can go back and listen at the beginning of our CC if you want to….DELTA says Frankie the CBI has just announced in Arabic….I cannot translate it into English but I have read it very carefully in my language and the CBI is announcing to all banks in Iraq to submit their order from now on to buy their currency through different departments of the CBI because the CBI will not handle the auctions anymore….effective January 8th.

Ok let me see if I understand this DELTA…and you can go back in the CC to listen to our conversation that lasted for about 20 minutes along with our excitement I suppose….we try to keep it as professional as we can….Let me see if I have this right….the CBI who uses auctions to buy currency and to sell currency has just made an announcement today…this afternoon…..yeah….and the CBI is telling all the other banks….if they want to buy any type of currency to not bother with the CBI anymore….

Well they do have to bother with them because they still have to submit their paper request to use the auctions…but the CBI is not going to be involved with supplying this money anymore….no….they made independent departments that represent the CBI that will now deal with these banks…yeah….but the CBI needs money….ok, let’s tear this apart….why would the CBI make such a drastic move to suffocate themselves from their only form of income…..well Frank IBAN made an announcement today that on the 2nd of January they are now going to be dealing with Iraq CBI with that international system….you see now the CBI will go and use an international system to move their IQD currency…no other currency because they just want to move that IQD internationally and they are going to use the IBAN system….the international system that they activated on the 2nd….well then they have been using it….well yeah…well why didn’t they tell us…because they don’t have to Frank.

You see this is part of the MCP….the Multi-Currency Policy….I mean they are also going to be able to wire the IQD internationally Frank….DELTA this is really good….are you kidding me Frank…Woohoo…and it is on the CBI website….you know….stop and think about this too Frank…there is no rate for the IQD on the CBI website…I mean the 1184 that they used to show…it is not up there….yeah I know…that is cool isn’t it…yeah.

IBAN and what they have done now with this announcement….this now sets up a need for a new rate….yes it does…you know that is a logical statement….after I get done with all of the excitement….you know one of the articles in our “Final Article” thread talks about…”the benefits of deleting the 000’s”….yes it does Frank why….well one of them was the IBAN….yes it was.

Hey…what Frankie….can you get me the article…..no…that is another thing….they got this thing….they are working on their CBI website Frank…I can’t copy it….can you translate it into English….oh heck no Frank…but I tell you what…let me work on it and I’ll get it out there.

So let me announce to you Family on post 28 on our forum at KTFAlways.com and the whole internet does not know about it….but there it is….but the problem is unless you can read Arabic you are not going to be able to translate it….so I will ask DELTA….oh it is up on our forum in Arabic….so now I will ask DELTA if he will come and join us on Wednesday so he may give you word for word translation and more clarity than what I have given you.

Family the CBI announced on the 8th…today this important message to all their banks….and it is in Arabic because it is none of our business…but it is translated by our DELTA…and it talks to all banks and money exchangers in Iraq….that the CBI is no longer involved with the auctions…and they now have a new department for these banks to buy currency….they are sending the right message….I want you to remember…even with the RV the banks will still have to buy currency but the process is now going to  be different…and the limitations of how much they can buy with IBAN is going to be needed in this situation in order to move money….because you see Article 8 demanded the freedom of their currency….to be able to move in and out of that country without any restrictions…without any restrictions of a program rate….without any sanctions or restrictions.

So Citibank…leave me alone Frank….come on just one question….leave me alone Frank…just one….what do you want….Citibank how do you feel about the US guaranteeing sovereign banks out of Iraq….you know…how do you feel about that….I mean why would the US Treasury cosign…guaranteeing these sovereign bonds…if I were going to cosign for someone…let’s say they were going to buy a house….I am going to be well assured they are going to make the payments…know what I mean…I don’t want to make any payments….they are using my credit as it is…

So tell me Citibank….how do you feel about the US Treasury guaranteeing sovereign banks out of Iraq….no comment but we do sell the Iraqi dinar…are you interested…Citibank if you sell it does that mean you also buy it….pause…pause….Citibank let me make it easier for you….if you now sell the Iraqi dinar in the US….when the rate goes up for the Iraqi dinar in Iraq and it becomes an international value…would you be willing to buy it from me….yeah…for a spread.

Believe it or not there is mucho mas…more…that I could talk to you about…I do not want to drag this out any further….I think we have made our point….in fact there were many points….just like every Monday night, every Wednesday night….we bring you a cornucopia of ideas…we bring you some intel….we bring you our opinions…and if they are opinions you do see the results, God willing, within that week…within the next three days or so….I want you to be strong because the things you are seeing are all for the Monetary Reform…I don’t know when they are going to pull the trigger…I have no idea.

All honor and glory to our Heavenly Father….I am nothing more than just the messenger, I am a dime a dozen….our TEAMS are the ones who should be credited….anyone could do my job….for what it is worth we are grateful and we do give our respect to our Heavenly Father for allowing us to be able to do the things we do.

I will be with you on Wednesday at 7:00 pm EST…we will do our Liquid BioCell call and then walk into our study….hey it might be that we will cancel the Liquid BioCell part…or that DELTA may come in…I don’t know….but one thing for sure we will give you more information about this article in Arabic that the internet does not know about yet or even understand….but our KTFA Family does….and I ask that you take it to God in prayer.

Dismissed with a prayer.

Adam Montana