Isa52bc: Good afternoon everyone!!!! Just a quick flyby to send everyone lots of love and best wishes in their new lives of service to others as we soon embark on all we have awaited

The stage has been set for those who are not in the know about the RV, the talk Greenspan just gave has given the general public the needed explanation for what is to come…​ecause-of-abnormally-low-interest-rates.html

IMHO, I truly believe we are witnessing the end of our journey play out before or very eyes. The world knows and respects Greenspan (whether you like him or not), people listen to him.

The market opening worldwide and the forex markets this afternoon should prove quite interesting!!!

May everyone move forward with their life’s purpose of service to those in need. We have all been chosen for this incredible journey of helping to make this world a better place for all living beings! Peace and love to all!!! (((bye))) (((wildly waving)))

Iraqi Day