Beethovan: It would have been great if Okie’s info came to fruition last night. …perhaps this weekend….

Jmantranquill:  I see it as elements of a process that are taking place Beethoven…which have already started….as you already know

OldCrow:  It was reassuring to know that Okie is well, improving, and still looks to the RV as being “close”


SassyD: Farmer Forced Into $1 Million Settlement After Feds Took Him To Court ​Over Plowing His Land —​ent-after-feds-took-him-to-court-over-plowing-his-land/?utm_source=far​k&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=im

SassyD wrote Kirkuk ( Eight Islamic State militants were killed and wounded when explosives they were fitting to a donkey exploded in Kirkuk, a security source was quoted saying. Islamic State militants die booby-trapping donkey in Kirkuk — Aug 17,​ 2017 —​apping-donkey-kirkuk/

SassyD wrote Underground tunnel collapses on 12 Islamic State members in Tal Afar -​- Aug 17, 2017 —​mic-state-members-tal-afar/

SassyD wrote Governor shuns court ruling, refuses to lower Kurdish flag from Kirkuk​ — Aug 17, 2017 — Kirkuk ( Kirkuk’s governor Najmudd​in Karim has defied a court ruling and insisted to keep Kurdistan Regi​on’s flag flying alongside the Iraqi one in the province. —​refuses-lower-kurdish-flag-kirkuk/