Iraq is basically done.

With that I mean they published everything in the Gazette except the new rate.

They were settling on a new rate yesterday [Monday].

We had a CBI rate being worked between so many dollars above it for a CBI rate…it could be published in tomorrow’s [Wednesday] Gazette.

That is what I am hearing from my sources in Iraq.

They already started the digital version of the Gazette, and bring it out 7:30 am Iraqi time or 12:30 am EST tonight.

That is an interesting time to me.

Based on what is happening in Iraq and based on who is coming from Iraq to meet with our President.

We have representatives from Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Great Britain, and China tomorrow.

Some are there now and some are on the way to meet with the President tomorrow.

I don’t know what will come out of the meeting or what to expect. I think it is a good sign.

The delegation from Iraq is expected to speak at the UN on Thursday when our President will be down in Florida.

There is something defiantly going on with that.

Based on what I heard earlier Iraq is really ready to put their rate international and have it in the Gazette.

If that happens, we are just about where we need to be.

We heard that, UN Operational. Rates suppose to show on the 13th…and taken effect date on the 15th which is Friday.

We understand the Operational rates are due for a change.

This is our currency rates.

I am not going to call it, but based on what is happening in Iraq…we could be in the sweet spot in the next 24 to 36 hours.

I am excited…be expectant of a really great week.