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tman23: Talk Iraq…..Talk National Reconciliation……. How long has that been a song and verse by Shiite……. Kurds referendum does one thing……it forces national reconciliation or an attack in Kurdistan from the peoples militia which is run by Iran……

It forces the Shiite politicians to either break from Iran or be ruled by a regime such as Iran……. This is the breaking point……. Kurds hold referendum, if they are attacked Baghdad must retaliate against the attackers…….

​If Baghdad fails to and fails it’s rehabilitation to rid Tehran influence…..Kurdistan will announce independence March 1st…….either way……Kurd region is following CBI banking laws and enforcing rates……..

If you do not see articles starting between now and Sept 28th about new currency and education process of such….If by October 15 a change is not announced…… We be bamboozled ….!!!!

Meatball: bamboozled….. that word does not get used enough….. great word

Tebow: @Romello but some will never learn……. Sad
Meatball: it is sad but that is life

Romello: @tman23 Haven’t heard that one in a while. Bamboozled.
Romello: @tman23 lol

Meatball: points for that one lol
Tebow: speculation

Romello: @Meatball All investments are gambles.
Romello: @Meatball lol. Yep
Tebow: hoodwinked

Romello: @Meatball Blast from the past.

Tebow: soon, in the coming days, light at the end of the tunnel
Meatball: i hope
Tebow: hope and wait

chattels: Iraqi officials’ dual nationality allows for escape abroad

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chattels: For two years, the Iraqi parliament has not been able to pass a bill bringing an end to officials holding dual citizenship, despite its inclusion in a list of parliamentary reforms announced by speaker Salim al-Jabouri in August 2015, as part of a package of government measures following widespread demonstrations in Baghdad to demand reform.

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chattels: The bill, which has been suspended since the last parliamentary term, deals with the rules on Iraqi officials holding two nationalities. It is based on Article 18 of the Iraqi Constitution, which demands that holders of senior and “sovereign” offices give up their “acquired citizenship.”

However, the constitution charges the legislature with the task of working out the details and drawing up a law on the issue, something the Iraqi parliament has so far failed to do. Read more:

​chattels: An estimated 70-100 members of parliament hold foreign citizenship, according to a source close to the legal department of the Council of Representatives who asked to remain anonymous.

A considerable number of executive officials also hold second passports, including ministers and diplomats. Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said in 2016 that some 32 of the country’s 66 ambassadors hold a foreign citizenship.

The difficulty of passing the bill while many parliamentarians benefit from its suspension is exacerbated by the fact that officials in both the executive branch and the judiciary also benefit from the lack of such a law.

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chattels: A law on “acquired citizenship” was last proposed in the Iraqi parliament in October 2016. There is no indication it will pass anytime soon, Ibtisam al-Hilali, another member of the Legal Committee, told Al-Monitor.

“The current session of parliament will not pass a law on dual citizenship due to the lack of genuine will to see it passed, as is the case with the law on the federal parliament,” she said.

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chattels: Less than two weeks until the Kurdish referendum and the daily rhetoric for and against it is increasingly bitter.

chattels: Peshmerga ready for Hawija, unsure of coordination with Hashd

chattels: The province is a diverse home to Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen, and Christians. As one of the Kurdistani or disputed areas, it is claimed by both Baghdad and Erbil.

chattels: Peshmerga have said that coordination with Hashd units is difficult because they are not centralized. The Peshmerga control five areas on four fronts to the north and east of the Hawija pocket. They have said they are waiting “zero hour” and have been making preparations for the past two years for the repeatedly delayed offensive.

Whitelions: Jordanian investors are demanding an official permit on the date of export of products via Trebil

The chairman of the Jordan Free Zone Investors Association (NAFC) Nabil Rumman called Wednesday for the government to issue an official statement from the relevant authorities on the date of the start of the export of Jordanian products to the Iraqi market via the Karama crossing.

“The investors in the Jordanian free zones are waiting to start exporting their goods to the Iraqi market through the Karama crossing to the Trebil crossing,” the Jordanian newspaper Al-Rai said. “Free zones exported about $ 3 billion a year Vehicles and products “.

He added that “customs centers were not instructed until yesterday to open any customs export data to Iraq,” and called on “the competent authorities to announce the official date of opening Al-Karama crossing in front of Jordanian goods.”

The border terminal between Jordan and Iraq resumed its work recently in front of the transport, export and import movement after a halt that lasted more than two years due to the security incidents that controlled the western regions of Iraq.

The Tripoli crossing is of great importance to the trade exchange between the two countries for the importance of the Iraqi market for Jordanian exports.

Iraq is the second largest export market to Jordan after the United States, which means restoring things to what it was and confidence in the continuation of industrial sector growth.

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chattels: PM calls for ‘dialogue, dialogue, dialogue’ with Erbil in carrot and stick speech By Rudaw BAGHDAD, Iraq – The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has said that if Erbil insists on holding independence referendum on September 25, the Kurdistan Region will “lose” all it has achieved since the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

While Abadi called the Kurdish vote “unconstitutional,” he called for “dialogue, dialogue, dialogue,” as he extended an open invitation to the Kurdish leadership to visit Baghdad in order to hold talks to resolving their disagreements.

Abadi’s remarks Tuesday came just after the Iraqi parliament decided in a majority vote to call the Kurdish vote a “threat” against the unity of Iraq while calling on PM Abadi’s cabinet to take “all measures” to stop it from happening.

A Kurdish official speaking on behalf of the three main ruling parties in Kurdistan said they consider the vote as giving the green light to the Iraqi PM to resort to the military might against Erbil.

chattels: Abadi said that the Kurdish government has been controlling the oil wells in Kirkuk since the war broke out with ISIS in 2014, and Erbil has since exported the oil from the province in violation of the Iraqi laws and constitution “by force.”

Currently, Kirkuk’s oil is exported through the Kurdish pipeline to Turkey’s Ceyhan port. Under an agreement between Erbil and Baghdad made last year, half of the revenues of sales of Kirkuk’s oil go to the Kurdistan Region.

Whitelions: Electricity contract in anticipation of a contract with the industry for the processing and implementation of fixed and mobile terminals

The Ministry of Electricity announced on Wednesday a contract with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals for the processing and implementation of fixed and mobile terminals in the form of ready-made key.

In a press release issued by the Ministry of Electricity, the director of electricity transmission in Upper Euphrates, Eng. Khaled Ghzai Attia, said that “the contract concluded with Al-Zawra Company, one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals formations, was based on the decision of the Ministerial Energy Committee 39), which includes the assignment to the company Zora public for the purpose of the implementation and processing of fixed and mobile terminals for the benefit of the Ministry of Electricity.

He added that “Al-Zawra General Company will equip the Ministry of Electricity (15) mobile mobile terminal 132/33 KV capacity of 45 MVA and (15) mobile transfer station capacity of 25 MVA,” stressing that “20 mobile ones will be processed to the General Directorate of Energy Transmission Electricity / the northern region, the other ten will be for the benefit of our director in the liberated areas of the calligraphy and the duration of the processing of 300 days starting from the entry into force of the contract.

“The contract also included the design, construction, manufacture, processing, installation and operation of 4 fixed transformer stations, 132/33 KV capacity, 63MVA type GIS with 6 132 kV lines, to be installed at South Fallujah station, South of Ramadi and north of Ramadi, instead of the fixed stations destroyed by the entity calling the terrorist while in Anbar province and the length of processing 420 days starting from the entry into force of the contract.

chattels: Independent Kurdistan can be a factor for Middle East stability By Paul Iddon

Whitelions: Rafidain replaces paper with electronic system soon Rafidain Bank announced the close application of the electronic banking system instead of dealing paper in the completion of transactions of citizens.

The media office of the bank in a statement obtained by “Economy News” a copy of it, “customers to review branches in Baghdad and the provinces for the purpose of updating their data and complete the necessary documents related to them in preparation for the application of the comprehensive banking system.

The statement pointed out that “the bank has reached stages and advanced steps in the application of the electronic system,” noting that “this system allows the citizen to benefit from the facilities provided by the bank through the completion of operations and simplification of procedures as well as cleaning the archive and inventory of the bank.”

chattels: The ” right of self determination ” is an interesting notion. If such right is absolute and universal then what is there to discuss ?

​chattels: Obviously there was no right of self determination in the USA in 1860.

chattels: Like many broad notions of right and entitlement the powers that be trot such out when it suits their narrative.

chattels: “Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable.” ―Daniel Webster

chattels: Can Liberty and Union coexist if there is no liberty to choose the union ?

chattels: Discussions and threats of secession often surface in American politics, and secession was declared during the Civil War between the States.

However, in 1869 the United States Supreme Court ruled in Texas v. White, 74 U.S. 700 (1869) that unilateral secession was not permitted saying that the union between a state (Texas in the case before the bar) “was as complete, as perpetual, and as indissoluble as the union between the original States. There was no place for reconsideration or revocation, except through revolution or through consent of the States.”

chattels: Abadi is making the same argument in Iraq.

chattels: His position is that the Kurds cannot secede without the consent of the rest of Iraq.

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