When You Exchange:

Toyvp: Just remember you are Mr & Mrs. Clampet  you tell them not vice versa they want your business they will do what they can to get it and if they don’t walk away and find some one better

StephenMac63: In whatever you do with monies, get a second and third opinion from other proficient council, then arrive at a consensus. Making a Will, take it to another attorney and have them punch holes in it. If they can tear it apart, imagine what a judge could do with it in court.

Prepare your defenses when the seas are calm, not during a storm.   IMO, of course

Samson:  Rafidain replaces paper with electronic system soon

13th September, 2017

Rafidain Bank announced the close application of the electronic banking system instead of dealing paper in the completion of transactions of citizens.

The media office of the bank in a statement obtained by “Economy News” a copy of it, “customers to review branches in Baghdad and the provinces for the purpose of updating their data and complete the necessary documents related to them in preparation for the application of the comprehensive banking system.

The statement pointed out that “the bank has reached stages and advanced steps in the application of the electronic system,” noting that “this system allows the citizen to benefit from the facilities provided by the bank through the completion of operations and simplification of procedures as well as cleaning the archive and inventory of the bank.



Don961:  Needs translation … but did notice the Master Card logo ….. from an Iraqi news site …..

VideoGraphic – Learn the most popular shopping websites!

12 Sep,2017



JesusLovesBaseball:  First part of video:

In the world of technical developments has become  shopping
Online is a priority for many
Shopping sites?
(Amazon)   Is the world’s most visited site………An American site
Authorizes you to buy whatever you breathe Of all brands and brands
Goes on about different sites…


Samson:  World Bank funds “Silk Road” with $ 8 billion

13th September, 2017

The World Bank has provided nearly $ 8 billion to help develop the infrastructure of the “Silk Road” economic belt.

“The investment is stimulating, especially in the infrastructure, and in an important project such as the Silk Road proposed by the People’s Republic of China, the World Bank will help countries working on the project to enhance opportunities in line with the development strategy,” said Jim Young-Kim, Her own”.

The Silk Road and the New Silk Road, known as the “one-way belt” proposed by Chinese leader Xi Jinping in 2013. Sixty countries include 4.4 billion people and 40 percent of the world’s gross domestic product.

Within the framework of this project, roads, ports and railways are planned to link the countries of the European Union.

The former Chinese president announced his country’s willingness to finance the project at about 900 billion dollars, and the State-owned Development Bank of China issued loans worth 160 billion dollars to countries that are part of the road project.