Watch: Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us” in Kurdish

A Kurdish music band has recently adapted Michael Jackson’s most controversial song, “They don’t care about us”, into Kurdish language, using some Kurdish musical instruments as well.

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The Baghdad Post

Gorran Movement supports Abadi’s anti-corruption campaign

Gorran Movement supports the anti-corruption campaign, which has been declared by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Gorran Movement MP Hushyar Abdullah revealed Friday.

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Iraqi News

Islamic State emir arrested in Diyala: Military intelligence

An Islamic State emir has been arrested in Diyala, the military intelligence announced on Thursday.

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Article: “Expectations of obtaining Iraq’s rating Advanced credit ”

Quote: “Specialists confirmed the possibility of economic affairs raise the rating to A or -A through the activation of the private sector and provide employment opportunities that will pay gross

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Mnt Goat

Yes – better days are ahead but you must put it all in perspective too.

All you need to do it go back to the last 8 years of Nori al-Maliki administration and compare to all the progress Iraq has … Read More


Massive Corrupt files and arrest have started:

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Globug: Hi TNT!! Sometime before 6PM MST, in a news broadcast here in Utah, there was a short news story about Zimbabwe. They said that Zimbabwe’s new president is being sworn in tomorrow at 2PM their time and that the … Read More


Members welcome Iraq’s firm intention to resume formal WTO accession negotiations


17 NOVEMBER 2017

Rich4hyip:  imo.wto is ready to receive iraq as an official member, negociations of many rounds may about to begin, … Read More


Chat Room – News, Excerpts & Highlights

Baxter: Article: “Central banks contribute to economic balance” Quotes: “government with the involvement of the central bank in determining the exchange rate policy will lead to the occurrence of the difference or contradiction … Read More


JesusLovesBaseball: Basra International Oil & Gas Conference & Exhibition

05-07 Dec 2017

Fairgrounds Basra International, Basrah, Iraq

Being officially supported by the Ministry of Oil, event had great impact by being the foremost platform of … Read More