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Hennessy: Dec 6, 2017, 12:08 pm Iraq, with UNESCO’s help, to rebuild historic Mosul minaret next week – Speaking to state-owned al-Sabah newspaper, Bashar al-Kiki, chairman of the Nineveh Province Council, said “works for the reconstruction of the (Hadbaa) minaret will start next week by specialized engineering teams and “A delegation from UNESCO visited the minaret’s site last week, and reviewed the most outstanding needs (for its reconstruction), and with the supervision of professors from Mosul University”, Kiki added. “It will hopefully be restored to its previous condition within less than three months, according to the engineering teams,” al-Kiki told the newspaper.

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chattels: Iraq to hold 2018 elections 3 days earlier By Rudaw
chattels: RBIL, Kurdistan Region — Iraq’s 2018 parliamentary and provincial elections will be held three days earlier than previously set in order to not interfere with the start of the holy month of Ramadan.
chattels: Abadi’s prime ministership is set to expire this year when the new parliament may or may not choose to re-appoint him.
chattels: Iraq has been divided into 18 districts for the election process, which will be held using electronic voting stations for the first time.
chattels: Iraq’s last parliamentary elections were held in 2014 and saw the ruling Shiite National Alliance form a coalition government with Kurdish and Sunni parties.
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chattels: Tamimi: Parliamentary finance will meet Abadi to discuss the objections of the blocks on the budget Release date: 2017/12/6 15:56 •
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chattels: [Ayn-Baghdad] A member of the Finance Committee parliamentary Majida Tamimi that a number of political blocs submitted objections and observations related to the budget to the Committee and that an appointment will be made with Prime Minister Haider Abadi to discuss those objections.
Tamimi said in a press statement that “a number of Basra MPs have expressed opposition to the 5% allocated to the province and they are instead demanding the allocation of five dollars for each barrel of oil as well as 50% of the revenues of border crossings.”
 “The Union of Forces, for its part, has expressed its opposition to the allocations related to the reconstruction of liberated areas, in addition to its demand for interest-free loans for the residents of these areas, as well as their quotas for appointments from 2014 until this year.
” She added that “the Kurdish bloc also objected to the proportion of the region and identified by 12 percent of the budget.” Tamimi called for “coordination and cooperation between the legislative and executive authorities to avoid challenging the Federal Court, while describing this stage of the task, especially with the start of the legislative holiday of the Council.”
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chattels: Integrity Courts: We issued arrest warrants against ministers and officials but were not implemented Date of release: 2017/12/6 11:56 •
chattels: [Ayna-Baghdad] Integrity judges spoke about the mechanism of proceedings in their courts and the reasons for the delay in resolving cases of corruption, and attributed the reasons to administrative investigations and procedures related to non-judicial bodies, pointing to the difficulty of collecting evidence on corrupt employees who are still in their work because they  quickly hide their traces. “Integrity cases are of a special nature. They need an administrative investigation, a report from the Financial Control Bureau, and another investigation from the inspector general’s office. Then the complaint is moved,”
chattels: Says the judge of the Integrity Court in Rusafa.
chattels: He attributed the reasons for the delay in deciding the cases of corruption to “the failure to complete administrative investigation procedures by the Office of the Inspector-General, where several months without completing the procedures, and if the obstacle to send the investigation to the Minister’s office for the purpose of ratification is often shown to be returned to make adjustments because of grievances” .

chattels: In response to a question on the investigation with the members of the House of Representatives, the judge explains “in the event of a lawsuit against them are completing the legal proceedings in respect of the crime attributed to them, then the court issues the appropriate decision whether to issue an arrest warrant or recruitment until the closure of the investigation and then be submitted to the Supreme Judicial Council To open the House of Representatives in order to lift the immunity of the accused MP, “pointing out that” the arrest of the accused accused before this procedure on the basis of the provisions of the Constitution only after the lifting of immunity by the House of Representatives. “
chattels: Iraq’s criminal justice system is different from ours.
chattels: The court is much more involved in the investigation of complaints before the issuamce of an indictment or warrant.
chattels: The judge of the investigation that “the judiciary issues arrest warrants and is not responsible for its implementation, this is the responsibility of the executive branch of the Ministry of the Interior,” pointing out that “a lot of orders issued against ministers and agents and did not implement despite the continuing assurances of some reasons due to escape outside the country” ,
Stressing “the keenness of the judiciary on the implementation of arrest warrants and the existence of cooperation between the Supreme Judicial Council and Interpol International according to the Riyadh agreement for judicial cooperation.”
chattels: “Sometimes the process of gathering evidence against a corrupt employee before the court of inquiry is difficult, especially those who are still occupying the job and trying to hide its effects in his department, and this delays the investigation.”
 Issa asserts that “the court has the misdemeanors or felonies, And the truth is that most of those referred to this court are state employees and those who are in special degrees professors and deans of the universities ………………
chattels: Apparently the issuance of a warrant(s) is not any arrurance that the warrant will be served / executed by Interpol or in Iraq.
chattels: * assurance
chattels: Anyone interested in doing some ” light ” reading about criminal procedures in Iraq. See
futuremoney: XE Currency is now at 1195.86…whats going on?
tman23: Very weak federal institutions that are unable to oversee and enforce regulation….And which we are all in agreement I believe that there is not an open market economy……Which leads me to the subject of floating the currency……..usually conditions found where currencies float require strong institutions and a mature economy otherwise collapse is certain
futuremoney: wrong way people!!!!!!
futuremoney: never seen it go beyond the CBI rate..
tman23: @futuremoney …..give it 6 months to 1 year and you will be in line with Kap exchanging 1-1 lol
Zig: Part of a PM I received from Kaperoni answering me: “Dinar is dinar. it always will be dinar at the value it is printed. Whatever you exchange it at is known as the exchange rate.
 If you allow the float to get to .10 cents and then take a 25k note to the bank, or some sort of ECN currency dealer you will get approximitely $2500 USD, (minus any fees), if you wait for the float to reach $1, you will get $25,000 USD and so on. Lastly, There were several articles years ago from Saleh stating he wanted the dinar “a reserve currency held by central banks for a very long time”.
 If in fact that happens the dinar you and I hold will be held in central banks around the world like any other foreign currency. Keep in mind, the CBI sold the dinar (controlled leak) to the TBI and from there to banks and eventually what you and I hold.
This is a very unique situation which fits the model of creating stability for the currency worldwide (and Saleh’s desire). Anything less than honoring the currency at its printed value would send a very bad message to the worlds financial system. Hang in there. Kap”

futuremoney: wonder if it is going to de-value again
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chattels: Parliamentary Finance: There are no real obstacles to passing the budget .. and approval in less than a month after discussion 06/12/2017
chattels: This guy is obviously not a Kurd or from Basra.
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chattels: Baghdad / Iraqi National News Agency / nina / The parliamentary finance committee expected the House of Representatives to vote on the federal budget 2018 in less than one month after discussion.
chattels: He added that “there are no real obstacles to pass the budget in the House of Representatives, either objections to the blocks that preceded the discussion of the draft budget law in parliamentary sessions, they are not new demands,” noting that “Parliament will approve the budget law in less than one month after discussion.”
chattels: Abadi: The government supports partnership in the private and public sectors 06/12/2017
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chattels: BAGHDAD / The Iraqi National News Agency (NINA) Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that the government supports the partnership in the private and public sectors and provide protection for businessmen. “We must prevent sectarianism from destroying the unity of Iraq,” he said in a speech. “The prevention of the crime of division is no less important than the elimination of a supporter of the terrorist.”
chattels: Dollar rises against the dinar in the Iraqi stock exchanges 06/12/2017
chattels: BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The dollar rose today against the dinar in foreign currency markets in Iraq. The sale price of the dollar in the Kifah Exchange in Baghdad today 125 thousand and 400 dinars and the purchase price 125 thousand and 350 dinars to $ 100, while yesterday recorded 124 thousand and 750 dinars and the purchase price 124 thousand and 700 dinars to $ 100.
chattels: The dollar fell as low as 1247.5 a few days ago.
futuremoney: hence the change in XE
chattels: Jubouri: The next stage requires the cessation of all tools of the political conflict 06/12/2017
chattels: Baghdad / Iraqi National News Agency / nina / The Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri, that the next phase requires the suspension of all tools of the political conflict in order to maintain the security and stability of society.
 “The next stage requires stopping all the tools of the political conflict in order to preserve the security and stability of the society,” Jubouri said during a meeting with a delegation of elders and dignitaries of the Salman clan in the Tarmiyah region.
“The Iraqis have done much to achieve stability. construction, stability and service delivery and return of all displaced persons to their areas , especially after the elimination of al Daesh terrorist. “
chattels: Jubouri has high, arguably unrealistic, hopes for the political process in an election year.
tman23: The new currency must come first as a prelude to lifting the 3 zeros from the currency notes……….. They are not saying lift the currency from the market place or circulation…….they are saying lift 3 zeros from the currency notes…… but the new currency MUST come first……. 

AND they have said the new currency will work side by side with the old currency in the markets and expect 2 years before it is completely removed…. they pulled the 50 dinar note……came out with a 50,000 note …….
that ends the confusion when the new 50 note comes out and the 50,000 becomes 50 when the 3 zeros are lifted…… Believe what you choose……But we wait to see how the 3 zero notes will be treated at exchange and hope there is a window to exchange them before they lift the 3 zeros………..
There will NEVER EVER NEVER be a float on these 3 zero notes circulating…AND THOSE PUSHING SUCH A TALE……I will use terminology from another…….it is bovine scatology.!!
Doug_W: 23 is there a “message” there ?
chattels: @tman23 Pleased to read that someone else allows that the removal of the three zeroes refers to the face of the note itself.
Doug_W: that message is so subtle its hard to determine that
chattels: @tman23 The arguably strained interpretations about .00086 and collection of the notes from circulation as the meaning of removal of the three zeroes has always troubled me.
man23: And don’t you find the timing of announcing Jerusalem the capital of Israel interesting ? I am sure Barzani has his troops on high alert . I suspect some troubles firing up in kurdistan…… all the Iranian backed terrorist need is an excuse
chattels: @tman23 Interesting article yesterday Abadi talking about securing the Syrian border suggested to me that Abadi may be looking to justify the Hash’d operating in Syria.
chattels: @tman23 Abadi may do well to expand / occupy the Hash’d in Syria during the election cycle.
chattels: We are now just five months away from the Iraqi elections.
chattels: The long read : After the liberation of Mosul, an orgy of killing. In the dying days of the battle of Mosul, Ghaith Abdul-Ahad followed Iraqi soldiers during the last push against Isis. But following their victory, a new wave of savagery was unleashed.
tman23: @chattels …..These guys know what it means…….they just cherry pick and spin articles…….No big mystery here…….we are in the same position as day one years ago………how will they treat the 3 zero notes at exchange…… They are speaking of lifting the 3 zeros from the currency notes……. And everyone in this knows the real possibility of this in the back of their mind……..
spankie: collapse of the iqd ?
spankie: tman- what?
JoeSchmoe: @chattels you are a Christian, yes? If so, may I ask what YOUR interpretation of all they prophetic relevance people put into this hopeful event is?
chattels: @JoeSchmoe I am a believer, but I have never been convinced of the role of prophecy in this situation.
JoeSchmoe: @chattels and how were you brought into this hopeful event
chattels: @JoeSchmoe I ” see through a glass darkly “.
chattels: @JoeSchmoe A friend with military acquaintances.
chattels: @JoeSchmoe He told me of it one day and I purchased my first million that very day.
JoeSchmoe: @chattels I just find it amusingly uneasy how many people state that God showed them this chance, or that He brought them into this

tman23: @spankie …. reality being 5000 years of failure……sitting on riches ……living in ruble…..can they get it together in the next 30 days……..and the world is going to use this region that has zero stability as a worlds reserve currency…….. SERIOUSLY……… think about that
JoeSchmoe: @chattels which is why I always question the possibility of us all getting ganked on this thing, and what will they think then?
chattels: @JoeSchmoe I believe that it is a secular event.
JoeSchmoe: meaning?
chattels: @JoeSchmoe Not any religious meaning.
JoeSchmoe: too tired to bring up the dictionary in my mind or on my puter lol
JoeSchmoe: gotcha
JoeSchmoe: so that would mean that no prophetic meaning
chattels: @JoeSchmoe Not for me.
JoeSchmoe: thankyou
chattels: @JoeSchmoe You are welcome.
Tebow: what it’s not a blessing
JoeSchmoe: always good to pick the brain of one of the more respected  :TY: :hi-5 ;:));
JoeSchmoe: @Tebow it will definitely be a ‘blessing’ IF it happens.
JoeSchmoe: @Tebow but the meaning of ‘blessing’ is put on the user
chattels: @JoeSchmoe Sometimes our blessings can be curses.
JoeSchmoe: agreed
JoeSchmoe: this feels like a 9 year curse for me …… :sick
JoeSchmoe: @chattels let me ask you something about BigGolferGuru
JoeSchmoe: @chattels does he believe in God, as he proclaims himself to? Or is it just another play to wheel in followers?
chattels: @JoeSchmoe Not sure. I try not to judge another’s faith.
JoeSchmoe: okay. I just thought that you may have some sort of insight because you worked kind of closely with him for a time.
JoeSchmoe: I find it weird how he never prays on any of his conference calls, and always has someone else do it for him.
JoeSchmoe: and if he ever does, it always seems scripted
chattels: @JoeSchmoe I am suspicious of people ” who practice their piety on street corners “.
chattels: DECEMBER 4, 2017 Iraq: Managing Economic Reformation and Fighting Corruption, with an Eye on Election BY HARITH HASAN AL-QARAWEE
chattels: Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi recently announced his new war against corruption. In using the term “war,” he intended to convey the difficulty of implementing a productive policy to fight corruption.
Abadi hopes to build on his successes in the war against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the crisis with Kurdistan by turning his attention to a popular and persistent demand: fighting corruption. International financial institutions and nonprofit organizations—including the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF)- identify rampant corruption as a main impediment to development in Iraq, and Transparency International consistently rank Iraq among the most corrupt countries. 

​chattels: ……………. the common popular understanding of an anti-corruption campaign includes jailing complicit senior officials and minimizing growing income inequality. For this to happen and be credible, there has to be a serious effort to reform the justice system, itself suffering from corruption and politicization.
chattels: Iraq will have a tough time balancing reforms demanded by international organizations, and reforms imagined by ordinary Iraqis—even more so in an electoral season when opponents will readily politicize economic measures and populist discourse escalates.
Abadi might have touched the right nerve by emphasizing the danger of corruption and cultivating the image of corruption fighter. It is unclear, however, whether his main motive is to gain more popular support before the election or follow a well-crafted plan of economic reform.
tman23: A message to bank consumers in Kurdistan…..Based on the instructions of the central Bank of Iraq and according to the work requirements , and in order to enhance confidence between the bank and the public, and and to educate the public about…………SHOWS THE KURD BANKS ARE FOLLOWING CBI PROTOCOL
futuremoney: @tman23 thanks!
Jo: Bitcoin up another 1k BTC $13,020.70

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