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Doodlebug:  I have learned to have the “Dictionary” page opened for some of your posts Frank, I’ve personally never used “Aggrandize” in a sentence. Here it is for anyone that hasn’t used it either…
Definition of “aggrandize”
aggrandized; aggrandizing

transitive verb
 make great or greater : increase, enlarge 
aggrandize an estate
 to make appear great or greater : praise highly
to enhance the power, wealth, position, or reputation of
exploited the situation to aggrandize himself



GFulcher66:  combine this will all the WellsFargo top foreign currency department employees getting replaced, and several other anti corruption going on we can see the clean up before the reset comes imo!

Samson:  Saudi Arabia: Most of the detainees in the anti-corruption campaign have agreed to the settlement

2017/12/5 23:04

The Saudi attorney general said most of the detainees in an unprecedented anti-corruption campaign in the kingdom had “agreed to a settlement” to avoid prosecution.The Saudi Attorney General explained that the total number summoned by the Supreme Committee to Combat Corruption to provide relevant information reached 320 people. 

The Commission referred a number of those summoned to the Public Prosecution, bringing the number of detainees to 159, according to the Attorney General.  Among the detainees are a number of princes and billionaires, many of whom are staying at the luxurious Ritz-Carlton in Riyadh. 

Last week, one of the most prominent detainees, Prince Meteb, reportedly left the hotel after paying $ 1 billion.  Authorities arrested dozens of people, including princes, current and former ministers and businessmen, on November 4 after Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz announced the formation of the anti-corruption commission.

The committee was formed under the chairmanship of the Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the membership of the Chairman of the Monitoring and Investigation Commission, the Chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Authority, the Chief of the General Audit Bureau, the Attorney General and the Head of State Security. 

The Anti-Corruption Commission has the power to issue arrest warrants against individuals and to impose travel bans. The royal decree gives the powers of “regulations, regulations, instructions, orders and decisions”.  Analysts see the arrests as a direct move by the crown prince to strengthen his grip on the power base in the kingdom.



Don961:  Conscious / Interior Inspectorate: Return 51 billion to the state treasury
06/12/2017 16:34:00 PM

Conscious / Baghdad / M

The Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry of the Interior, on Wednesday, the return of 51 billion to the state treasury, while revealing 207 cases of corruption in the joints of the ministry in Baghdad.

A statement issued by the Office received by ( Iraqi News Agency Information / INA ) that the detachments and committees of the Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Interior was able during the month of November last discovered 207 cases of administrative and financial corruption in the joints of the ministry in Baghdad and to recommend the return of more than 180 million dinars during the same month.

He added that the divisions and committees of the Audit and Financial Control Directorate were able to return (51,272,496) dinars to the treasury of the state and recommended the return of (77,820,192) dinars and other waste from the amount of (55,777,290) dinars.

The statement also pointed out that the Directorate was also able to determine its opinion in 42 investigative councils and 55 cases received from the Directorate of Inspection Baghdad 17 other cases of the Directorate of Inspections of the provinces, and checked 6 contracts, and followed the implementation of 27 contracts within the investment plan of the ministry, and 63 other contracts within its operational plan , While it was able to audit 200 internal audit transactions.

For his part, the report of the Director of the inspection of Baghdad for the month of November last, that its committees and the inspection departments were able to detect 207 cases of administrative and financial corruption, the number of cases of administrative corruption discovered 184 cases, while the number of cases of financial corruption discovered 23 cases.
The report pointed out that the indicators of administrative corruption amounted to 121 cases of negligence, 30 cases of fraud, 25 cases of functional exploitation, and 4 cases of abuse of power and the same irregularities of control, while summarized indicators of financial corruption 11 cases of waste of public money, and 7 cases of bribery , 4 embezzlement cases, and one theft case .    link

Get1Later:  The Bank Training’s are DONE (Publicly). So LET’S GET THE FAT LADY READY!!!!

The Association of Private Banks participated in the Innovation Workshop for Development 2017
December 6, 2017
The Association of Iraqi Private Banks and 11 banks participated in the workshop on the Innovation for Development 2017 project which was held in Sulaymaniyah with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).
“The workshop includes building partnerships on entrepreneurship with the public and private sectors, organizations, universities, banks and state registration agencies,” said Ahmed al-Yasiri, one of the workshop’s officials.
He added that “representative of the Association of Iraqi private banks Sherwan Mustafa participated in the workshop in addition to the Bank of Assyria and the International Development Bank and the Bank of the north and the Bank of Baghdad and the Bank of Warka and the Bank of the Middle East and Erbil Bank and Ceyhan Bank and the Iraqi Investment Bank and the Mosul Development Bank.”
“Participants were trained to know the market’s need for value added by global tools including user journey and value added scheme,” he added.
“The Association of Private Banks is supportive of such projects and has provided Tamkeen’s grant to rehabilitate unemployed youth,” said Sherwan Mustafa, director of external relations at the Association of Private Banks.
He pointed out that “this workshop was the selection of 100 young people have outstanding projects, including a patent of the 3,000 participants,” noting that “these young people were trained to manage projects.”


Samson: Standardization and quality control sets conditions for the recycling of gold outside Iraq

6th December, 2017

The Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control announced onWednesday the conditions for its development to re-manufacture gold outside Iraq, noting that among the conditions is to meet the amount of 50 thousand dinars for each kilogram of gold.

“According to the Council of Ministers’ Resolution No. 335 of last October regarding the regulations for the recycling of gold outside Iraq, conditions have been set for this,” the agency said in a statement received by the Economist News.

“These conditions require the submission of a request by the person wishing to re-industrialization to the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control, in which he shall write the number of the profession and the quantity to be taken out with the jewelry to be re-manufactured to the device for the purpose of testing and fixing the caliber and weight.”

He added that “other conditions are that the Central Organ / Department of Marking jewellry provide the company or person authorized official letter addressed to the Directorate of Kirkuk and airport police determine the name of the gold holder and the amount of gold to be taken out and caliber,” noting that “must provide a letter of guarantee at least The amount of the amount of gold to be released and be valid for at least two months, the letter of guarantee shall be confiscated in case the gold not to be imported within the period of permeability of the letter.

“The other conditions require the payment of 50 thousand dinars for every kilogram of gold based on the resolution No. 335 in October 2017


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