Don961: imo … is this not another incentive to get their economy in order … give international value to their currency … to follow the rules to facilitate International trade … for Iraq to get to their goal of International and regional prestige ….. and pride in their own independent , sovereign country …. without the need for conditions being put on them by international agencies … and avoid these “embarrassing” situations …..

Conditions of international criticism embarrass Abadi and expectations of passing the budget within a month

Journal  December 6, 2017
Baghdad – Journal News

The Parliamentary Finance Committee expected the House of Representatives to vote on the federal budget 2018 in less than one month after discussion.

“The justification for the delayed arrival of the budget to the House of Representatives is due to the conditions of the International Monetary Fund, which may put the Prime Minister in a critical predicament if revealed,” said member of the Committee Rahim Darraji, in a press statement on Wednesday, adding that “the government tried to find Exits with which the budget does not generate shock to the people. “

He added that “there are no real obstacles to pass the budget in the House of Representatives, either objections to the blocks that preceded the discussion of the draft budget law in parliamentary sessions, they are not new demands,” noting that “Parliament will approve the budget law in less than one month after discussion.”

The House of Representatives ended its consultative session earlier this week to discuss the federal budget 2018, while the Presidency decided to refer the draft budget to the parliamentary finance committee to prepare a final version and presented in another extraordinary session.   link

Stundebt:  Couldn’t agree more Don….pour on that pressure…….does not want his image tarnished……..give him more incentive to push that button 


Don961:  Parliamentarians: Public Inspectors cover up whales of corruption

 aljournal  December 6, 2017
Baghdad – Journal News

A representative of the State of Law coalition, Naseef, warned on Wednesday that some of the inspectors have become defenders of corrupt and corrupt public funds, noting that “some inspectors are hiding the whales of corruption and mischief with public money.”

“Some public inspectors have not only covered the whales of corruption and the public money, but they are attacking anyone who exposes and persecuting corrupt people by circulating leaflets in their groups that harm any deputy who fights corruption,” Naseef said in a statement received by the Journal News.

“The inspector-general is charged with protecting public money from the hands of the weak, both high-ranking and ordinary, and the big dilemma in the corruption of inspectors, especially after some of them are getting stakes of suspicious deals,” she said.

“The current situation requires the abolition or freezing of the work of the inspectors’ offices, review and evaluate its work and ensure that they do not become focal points for corruption.”   link


Samson:  10 Years in prison for three accused They found an integrated printing press for the Iraqi currency

13:19 – 04/12/2017

The Supreme Judicial Council announced on Monday that the Rasafa Criminal Court, which specializes in the investigation of cases of integrity in Baghdad, issued a sentence of 10 years in prison for three defendants found in possession of an integrated press of the Iraqi currency.

“The court issued a 10-year sentence and a fine of 25 million Iraqi dinars for three accused of counterfeiting the currency,” the council’s spokesman Abdul Sattar Birqdar said in a statement.

Berkdar added that “the defendants found in their possession an integrated printing press to print the Iraqi currency in the area of ​​the second Secretary,” noting that “the court issued its decision in accordance with the provisions of Article 52 of the law of the Central Bank of Iraq.” 


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