A Few Highlights from Tonight’s KTFA Call:

Frank: If Abadi is not going to show you the rate..and the budget comes out in … Read More


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xyz: Budget postponed

chattels: Abadi claims agreement with Erbil to resume Kirkuk-Turkey oil exports ‘soon’ By … Read More


Jubouri calls on all members of parliament to attend tomorrow’s session to vote on the budget

So – as near as … Read More


[So many other problems in Iraq, but perhaps they are not obstacles to the completion of Iraq’s banking / monetary reform project Read More


[Doesn’t this mean it won’t move more than 2% after its revalued? What’s everyone’s concern? It’s that it can move from where Read More


Cleitus: Whaoooo…., if this doesn’t speak of internationalism I don’t know what!

Samson:  Acknowledgment from SWIFT International

February 28, 2018

In appreciation of … Read More


Samson: Al-Moussawi: What happened to Iraq during the Kuwait conference is not “aid”

27th February, 2018

Iraq’s foreign minister, Samira al-Moussawi, confirmed Tuesday … Read More