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Some Post-RV Security Tips to Remember …

Remember… to CHANGE your telephone number and EMAIL address IMMEDIATELY post RV! Think about every call you have dialed in to and how your telephone number has been captured and added to a list. Well, what happens to that list? Do you want YOUR telephone number out there on a “dinar holder” “millionaire” etc. list?

Remember – your goal should be to own NOTHING personally and be judgement proof. Think assett PROTECTION. Get with someone who is a licensed professional in good standing who knows what they are doing. Look in to trusts, foundations etc.

IMPORTANT: when you exchange – make sure you do NOT agree to give the bank power of attorney over YOUR money.

Remember... an opportunity of this magnitude may NEVER happen again. The very last thing you want to do is blow this one! Be smart and triple check everything.

Don’t be quick to act. Be slow and calculating. Assemble a professional team of people who know what they are doing, are licensed, in good standing to advise you what is in YOUR best interest.

Remember... when you purchase a home, don’t forget about the property taxes and insurance! Be sure to calculate how much you are going to need and set it aside for however many years you expect to live in that home. Many have lost their homes because they didn’t stop to plan properly and ended up not being able to afford the household related expenses.

Remember... one of the most powerful words in any language is NO. Keep this in mind when people approach you for money! Always keep in mind that it is critical for your long-term wealth protection that you hold on to your money! Of course, I am NOT saying you should not tithe and be charitable. Just be smart and very careful with your money so it will last!

Remember... after you get in to your new home… take an inventory of the contents – furnishings, electronic equipment, clothes etc. Anything that you would want replaced in the event of a fire or some other disaster. A great way to do it is with a VIDEO camera. Place that video in a safe deposit box. An itemized list is also highly recommended. Be sure to keep this list up to date to include new purchases.

Remember... make sure you properly insure your new home for both REPLACEMENT value as well as contents. Always check your coverage amounts.

Remember… people with NO money always want to join forces with someone who has money. The problem is… they usually are only interested in taking your money and rarely can they offer any value.

Remember... if you plan to hire a housekeeper, gardener, nanny or anyone to do anything in or at your home… ALWAYS check references and make sure they are bonded, insured etc. You’ve got to think like those who would love to cheat you out of your money and stay many steps ahead of them.

Remember... to contact each of your monthly utilities providers and ask them to add a password to your account. This means they will not give out any of your personal information without getting the correct password that is on the account. This is CRITICAL. This is a very simple and basic way crooks get access to your home address.

Remember… be very AWARE of strangers and / or inviting ANYONE whom you don’t really know to your home. It’s easy for people to make claims – especially when their goal is to file a claim against your home owner’s insurance policy or against you etc.

There are PROFESSIONAL CROOKS that prey on people with money because they see you as a payday. Think about the PROFESSIONAL FALLERS who slip and fall in the grocery store and then file a lawsuit against the chain.