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JimBake: (Reposted)  This message is for ALL who have chosen to hitch their wagon to this “crazy” ride we refer to as the RV/GCR.

Yes, all you nutty dreamers and hopefuls… I am talking to YOU!

You know, the ones who have steadfastly held onto a certain vision for their lives…the ones who have faithfully, and maybe even “irrationally exuberantly”, clung to a belief that something like this is even possible to be seen in this world.

The one’s who prefer to live in a world where “Unicorns” and “fairy tales” are actually real!

The one’s who have made themselves vulnerable…who have pinned their hopes and dreams for a better life on this process coming to fruition.
Who have lived for weeks, months, and years in a condition of “it’s imminent…only to see disappointment after disappointment and letdown after letdown, week after week after month after year, and who CONTINUE to forge ahead with hope in their “heart of hearts”!

Who look forward with exciting anticipation to every TNT call, blast, update, tweet, encouraging chat rumour, hopium injection, etc. knowing that at any time, it could be “the one”.

The one’s who have come to see they are part of something bigger than each of us…who have realized we are all in this together and we are actually part of an amazing family where a whole new kind of friendship and Love is possible.

Are you kidding me!?!?   It’s absolutely CRAZY I tell ya!

But, it’s the kind of crazy that I choose to love and live…my heart won’t allow me to any longer live in the other “sane” world…It want’s THIS world!

And, if that has consequences, which it will, so be it. I KNOW everything will work out fine and that here is NOTHING to fear.

So, to ALL of you out there, I salute you from my deepest Heart of Hearts and…

…I can’t wait to hear the next TNT call with our beloved Tony, DC, Pam, and Ray and yes…I hope it’s THE last call!

And then I will cry…with sadness and joy at the same time.

Now that’s the world I CHOOSE to live in!

Blessings to All  🙂