Abadi: Government Serious to Meet Protesters’ Demands


Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi said on Tuesday that his government is serious about meeting the demonstrators’ demands, noting that the current protests in the country have pushed Baghdad to work harder to improve the public services, a report said.

During his weekly press conference, Abadi pointed out that the government is currently “working with all political parts in the country to prepare unified reform programs in the upcoming period,” Iraqi news reported.

“The government is about to publish a list of the names of officials, who have been referred to the Commission of Integrity on corruption charges,” Iraqi News quoted the Iraqi premier.

Abadi further called on legislative and executive authorities to “cooperate with the executive bodies to fight corruption,” according to the news agency.

Thousands of people in southern parts of Iraq have been taking to the streets to protest the poor public services and job vacancies in which hundreds of people have so far been killed or wounded.