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Dinar news has been slow this week… My best sources are in agreement on a couple things…The recent GOI election results should be confirmed as soon as the end of the month.  The important part of this process is the manner in which it is being done. Most election cycles in Iraq, over the last decade or so, have been wrought with claims of fraud, lawsuits, objections, and never-ending delays. We are seeing a much different landscape this time around! Results are being confirmed, district by district, with claims of 100% accuracy. That is unprecedented! For Iraq to make it through this kind of democratic process with no major fires or upsets is fantastic to see.

It’s the progress we’ve been waiting for! Nothing could be more confidence-inspiring than the situation we are currently witnessing… heck, I think our United States presidential elections had more accusations of fraud than this recent Iraqi process!  Due to the smoothness of this transitionary period, the PTB have been able to continue solid work negotiating with all of the components that make up the HCL.  Where we could have seen delays, and the “where is my RV Tuesday?!” crowd will certainly argue that we are seeing nothing BUT delays, I disagree. What we are witnessing is a steady march towards success. The first week of August will be very telling.