Adam Montana

The stars are lining up very nicely right now. First, the budget was submitted, signed, and looks like it will be passed, with a HUGE keynote – a significantly acceptable portion of the budget going to the Kurds. This has been a major point of contention between the parties over the years, in fact it’s possibly the biggest point of disagreement and reason for delays in the budget approval process in recent history. …the budget…needs to be published in the Gazette to be official. This may be happening yet this week, and if it does…that will be insanely quick.

If you’re not already squirming, let me tell you – this is awesome news. A happy GOI is a GOI that we can get behind, because it’s one that is more likely to RV. And this is possibly the happiest we’ve ever seen them! …we have more…I’m trying to contain my excitement…

We may have an HCL agreement shortly! THIS is the kind of movement we need to see for an RV to happen, and I didn’t want to release the news without a full confirmation…you know I’ve been on an “HCL-requirement” …No HCL = no RV…and now, after a long ride, it’s not just on the horizon – it’s coming at us, lights flashing and horns blaring! … the time that we have been waiting on may be over. There is news out right now that is more encouraging regarding the HCL than ANYthing I have ever seen, and that means we’re almost there.