Adam Montana

If you were around the Dinar world before Chapter 7 was lifted, an event that was arguably one of the most important events related to Iraq in recent history, you’ll remember that things got VERY exciting before that happened. It was not a guarantee that Chapter 7 would get lifted…in fact, it was questionable if it would actually happen, and very much a surprise to many. Even without absolute confirmation of this very important event that was about to transpire, and even though many of the news stations and media and all of the people “in the know” didn’t give a warning… the dinar world had a “feeling” that something was about to happen…Did we have an RV at that time? Obviously not. And nobody cashed in…at least, not at the $3+ rate.

BUT, did something major happen? YES. That’s where we seem to be right now.  This is the time of year that many major milestones have been reached in Iraq.   NOW is the time I’m expecting to see something major… maybe HCL, maybe something else, and very possibly a rate change. The tension is growing, and it shows in many ways…like how your animals know a storm is coming, when the weather person said “10% chance of rain”, and then the neighbors barn and cows get taken away in a tornado. Fido knew. Did you listen? Bring on the twisters!