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Article: “Kurdistan/Erbil having a lot of issues that will delay political agreements to the HCL. What is your view on this article?

It’s an opinion piece. I try not to give my opinion on other’s opinions, but I’ll indulge you this one time.

  1. The prime minister of Iraqi Kurdistan removed four ministers from his cabinet on Monday…”  Good! Trim some fat, less chefs makes for better meals.
  2. The unrest is the most serious the relatively peaceful region has seen in years…”  I disagree… Look at the last 10 years. Iraq – ALL of Iraq – is generally in a better spot, in almost every way imaginable, than 10 years ago.
  3. …The Kurdistan region is heading towards a much worse situation,” Mohammed said..” Yousif Mohammed is a long time dooms-sayer. He has never, to my recollection, had anything positive to say, in any situation.
  4. …the rest of it…”  …we’re talking about Iraq. Violent protests have always been and will always be part of their life, regardless of the value of their currency.

Don’t get me wrong … I’m not promising that things can’t go downhill…But my view is still positive on this. Expecting Iraq to turn into a civilized country, regardless of the value of their currency, is unrealistic.

The protests and demonstrations will run their course, and at the end of it there will be a less divided community, not the opposite.