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OIL rocked our world over the last 7 days…there was an unprecedented…situation where WTI (OIL) went to $0, then negative. This has NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. EVER. I even posted in a recent update that “oil will never be free”, and the markets proved me wrong…because for a short window, negative prices means OIL was even better than free! 😆 Not that we could ever get paid to fill up our tanks, but I can admit when I am wrong. …Today is the general start of Ramadan. In years past, I have always maintained the opinion that “nothing happens during Ramadan”.  I also stated that “oil will never be free”, and I was wrong about that! I’m not going to say “two wrongs make a right”, but this is a unique situation. The most unique, ever, in the history of the world, in fact.  We are witnessing a financial shakeup never before seen, and barely even imagined. What is happening right now is so off-the-charts unexpected that I’m going to retract my former opinion…maybe something will get done during Ramadan!