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Day 6jillion7bazillion876,9876,350,876  of the ‘Rona lockdown. Countries like Iraq should certainly be wiped out and pleading for mercy. Especially with OIL taking the huge hit that it took recently! That is not the case…Iraq is not only “fine”, they are more than fine! They have weathered a monster hit to the price of oil without lowering their rate. They are surviving an unbelievable shakeup of their government, and…(Thursday) to May 8 look to be key dates for finalizing some more of that critical work… Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying Coronavirus was a “hoax”. On the contrary, it has been devastating for some… and the economic damage may never be fully calculated. But the world did not end. We will move past all of this. And the Iraqi Dinar is still a very real item that holds a massive amount of potential.