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[How will the the Iranians benefit from an Iraqi re-evaluation of their currency? Does the Iranians have stock piles of Iraq currency? And because of the Iranians having tons of Iraqi dinar will this prevent Iraq from re evaluating their currency?] Iran is a major factor in the current price of the Iraqi Dinar, I don’t think anyone will disagree with that. I’m certain they do have a large amount of Iraqi Dinar, just like many other nations (including the US). And when this is actually “done”, it may be that Iran and Iraq are at major odds, even flat out war, as a result of it all when we reach the next stage. The Middle East will always be at war… To answer your final question – and probably the most important one in the post – I don’t believe that Iran’s possession of Iraqi Dinar will prevent Iraq from raising the value. It may impact the “how”, but not the “if”.