Adam Montana

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DJIA, S&P, GOLD, pretty much everything is up, including OIL…and that is music to our ears!  Over in Iraq, we have a “still waters run deep” situation… do you remember all the ruckus that was in the news during the short durations of the previous Prime Ministers? I’m not hearing the same level of noise right now. Al-Kazemi, the current figurehead for the position, seems to just be on cruise control. He’s zooming down the political highway and there doesn’t seem to be much getting in his way. Of course there is talk of disruption, but what’s not being publicized is the actual progress – and there is plenty! Things are actually really good! In spite of my current optimism, we are at a critical point – things may turn in our favor quickly, and if they are going to turn right now… it is going to happen quickly, probably in the middle of our night, and without warning. They aren’t going to give us too much of a head start, so we wait patiently and vigilantly.