Adam Montana

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Lots of talk lately about the new PM (KaZAMi-Kablammie-Kademi-KaJustRValready!), exchange rate talk, the US pulling out of Iraqi bases, and of course – “more”.  There was a time when there wasn’t much “more”, but lately things are picking up steam – Parliament blazing through tasks, the newly appointed PM seems to almost have entered the scene un-noticed…the fact that Kazammie is still in office, with no reports of (major) riots or protests, is an indicator that he could be “the one”.

A key part of the “more” is the Iraqi Budget, which is looming on the horizon. The Budget is a big deal, but do NOT expect to see an RV rate in it – in fact, I place very little importance on the Budget numbers. What IS important and relevant is a successful conclusion and announcement of the Budget. That can only happen when the bobbleheads in Parliament actually meet, pull out their pens, and sign the agreement.   When that happens, it shows that Iraq is doing something positive, moving forward, and clearing the table for bigger items.