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After a series of unsuccessful attempts at appointing a Prime Minister, Kazemi (RV Kazammy!!!) is approaching only two short months in office, but he’s seriously kicking butt!  We don’t have an HCL agreement (yet), so we don’t have an RV. But we are getting close. Kazammi is possibly the first political figure in a position to have a real chance at getting the HCL to pass. One of the reasons is stated on Wikipedia fairly well: Quote: “Al-Kadhimi was a vocal opponent to the dictatorship of the Saddam Hussein regime.[3] He left Iraq in 1985 to Iran then Germany and settled in United Kingdom and lived in exile for several years, yet is not affiliated with any of the Iraqi political parties.”  The HCL is a VERY polarized topic. In order for it to come together, a couple of opposing parties have to agree on it… and a neutral party as mediator is the best way to go. That’s our guy Kazzami!