Adam Montana

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I made mention last week that we are in a great spot, and I was hoping to see some movement on the HCL. Article quotes: “The oil and gas law will be included in the upcoming sessions.”;  “the current government has a clear and ongoing project in the process of economic and financial reform”; “Al-Alaq, announced that the Central Bank of Iraq has succeeded in reforming the economic environment and stabilizing prices”; “The white paper includes 3 stages, starting with the reform of niches and currency auctions” And…seriously, it just kept going. There are times when I find it perfectly acceptable to be calm, sit back, and not get too excited. This is not that time.

We are looking at constant HCL news, constant mention of monetary change, constant clues that we are on the brink of a monumental event.  I’m ready. There is just so much going on right now that smells like “HCL”… it’s almost overwhelming. You can bet the gurus are going to be going nuts here pretty soon. Hang on to your hats, friends… stay grounded…and enjoy the ride. Go Kazzammie. Go HCL. GO RV.