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OIL – over $40. Good enough! OIL is the reason Iraq has this unique opportunity and it’s the foundation for their wealth – past, lost, present, and future.  If Iraq didn’t have the natural resources. The opportunity wouldn’t be here. But, they do, and we are here. Iraq has successfully migrated from the place where Iran was manipulating them, to their current position of strength with Iran. Iraq is no longer a puppet of Iran. This is one of the best possible scenarios for us! I wouldn’t say it was mandatory for a progression of the RV timeline, but it’s most certainly a positive thing!

Iran isn’t the only place Iraq and Kazzammie are working. We’re also witnessing positive Saudi news. We also have news regarding Iraq’s oil exports… and they are NOT complying with the OPEC+ agreement. It was my opinion all along that they would not comply with that agreement… they are nodding “yes”, but doing exactly what they want at the same time. Iraq is moving forward, they are strengthening all aspects of their situation… and that is GOOD for us! Go Kazzammie, go HCL, go Iraq…GO RRRVVVV!!!