Adam Montana

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Before we have an RV, we need the HCL to be done. I’m more certain of this than ever… and activity in Parliament regarding the HCL has been higher lately than it has in years.  In fact, it was on the agenda for today [Wednesday].  I continue to be extremely impressed with how Kazzammie is moving things forward. This guy should have been hired a long time ago!  Don’t get too excited, at least not quite yet.

I don’t expect to see the RV announced until the HCL is completed. And I don’t expect the HCL to be announced as completed until they are ready to RV. These are likely to be two simultaneous announcements, judging from how things are proceeding. The headline will look something like this: “HCL completed. The profit sharing agreement between all (parties) has been implemented to satisfaction; CBI announces an immediate increase in exchange rate for the Iraqi Dinar from (X) to (!!!).”   Of course, that will be in Arabic. And the translations will vary, but the end result is the same: Higher exchange rate = Profits for us. Go Iraq. Go HCL. GO RV!!!