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OIL…45.21 dollars per barrel… happy news for Iraq, and this does nothing but bolster their confidence. We know it’s going to go back to former levels seen this year. We can be fairly certain this current low rate won’t stick around…and of course I’m talking about both OIL and also Dinar. As much as I state that the Auctions aren’t an indicator of an RV, the continued solid auctions just prove that Iraq is a well oiled (haha) machine.  One of the biggest events on the calendar is our boy Kazzamie coming to America. I love the progress. I want to see some HCL news, but it’s very possible that they are lining a few things up before it goes through.  When we have HCL, I believe we will get our RV…It’s coming! …go HCL, go Kazzammie,  GO RV!!!