Adam Montana

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OIL continues to be solid. What’s not to like, if you were Iraq? Kazzammie just met with Trump recently, and the reports still say it was a productive and successful meeting. The parties that the HCL are most important to are meeting, discussing long term plans (something we have almost never seen on this level). The region is fairly quiet, and things are simply good overall.  If we are to be realistic, the best time for Iraq to make a major move is during a quiet time.

There is no serious negative news on Iraq at the moment, which puts them in a good situation. The world has no major concerns about Iraq at the moment – they aren’t causing problems, there is no major civil unrest (like there was 6 months ago), and the financial side of things is positive (OIL). Nothing in particular says “RV by Friday!”, but we all know better than to expect a heads up from Iraq.  They will do what they want, when they want. I hope you’re ready. Go Iraq, and GO RRRRVVVVVV!!!