Adam Montana

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Parliament is in session, although with the exception of this mention of “White Papers” it would appear that nothing spectacular is happening. I’m not reading anything into the “White Papers” They aren’t going to announce “hi we plan to raise the rate next week lolz” – that’s just not the way this works. They would lose the chance to capitalize on the RV, and they simply aren’t going to do that. So, what IS encouraging?

Article: “There is no alternative for Kurdistan but an agreement with Baghdad”  – and that is 100% truth. This boils all the way into the HCL (Hydro Carbon Law) which is a necessary component for the RV.  One of the most common questions on the HCL is whether or not it needs/must be done before the RV. The answer is…it must happen really really close to the same time. Either immediately (minutes/hours, not days or weeks) before, during, or after. Minutes or hours…not days or weeks. That is key. The HCL is, in layman’s terms, a profit sharing agreement between the Kurds and Baghdad – two major portions of Iraq.  Without a profit-sharing agreement, they won’t raise the value. Go HCL – Go Dinar – GO RRRVVV!!!