Adam Montana

  In Adam Montana 

I’m sure a lot of gossip and speculation surrounding the elections will be affecting the Dinar world. If Trump is going to stay in the White House, Iraq certainly has a good reason to count on support from the US in their revalue (increase) of their currency. If Trump will not be staying in the Oval Office, he could make one of his last plays a major push to help Iraq in any way they want.  No matter what, President Trump still has an influence on foreign affairs, policy, and support for Iraq until at least January 19th 2021. And we know he won’t be doing anything to hinder Iraq in an RV.

That may be why we aren’t seeing any actual news about Iraq’s currency as it directly relates to the US presidential election… because no matter how this goes, they still have the support of the US and regardless of how things turn out, we have a few months where they are in a great position, with global support, and they can flip that switch with no substantial resistance from one of the most influential and powerful nations in the world – the USA. With all that said…my suggestion is simple. Hang tight, wait for the official RV announcement…GOOOO RRRRRVVV!!!