Adam Montana

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We’re watching a few items – 2021 budget, upcoming elections, and the HCL being fairly key. …With regards to the upcoming elections…the confidence they currently have in the future of Iraq’s political stability. Political stability is huge for this process. The lack of civil unrest, the low level of drama in the streets, and the continued progress in Parliament is absolutely essential for this pot to boil over…We have that. It’s obvious from where we are sitting, and it’s obvious to them as well.

Regarding the Budget, we always hear dates and timelines for things. I dismiss most of those as “noise” – but from my sources this week, there is a strong likelihood that this is going to hold up and possibly even be pushed through sooner than expected. Last but not least is the HCL… where are we with that? It’s all tied together. As long as the two items above continue to go well, I understand that there is a high level of confidence in the HCL coming together as well.  Rapidly. And we all know what that means. GOOO RRRRVVVVVV!!!