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[There’s continued talk by powerful globalist groups about a possible “Global Reset”…I’m thinking…a Global RESET  COULD mean that all things come out the other end more or less EQUAL – so what could that mean for currencies?  Equal would be great, with regards USD/AUD and IQD values, right?] Things will never come out “equal” – That’s why an RV is actually possible. Iraq lost a ton of equity/cash/value when they devalued thanks to Saddam. When they ReValue, they are just getting back to their “normal”.

The globalist talk about a “reset” has a ton of losers, and it won’t happen. Iraq resetting their value is just one country, with a lot of winners, and not many losers. It’s a tiny event that won’t rock the entire world, even though our world will be rocked.  We are little people. Iraq is a little country, in the grand scheme. While I think a “global reset” would possibly be amazing, and do amazing things, it’s also amazingly improbable. The Iraq RV is another story. It’s likely, and it’s likely soon.