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I’m going to run through this one pretty quick, because it’s very simple to explain. That’s a good thing. Simple = easy to conclude, which also translates loosely to “soon”! OIL is slightly lower than in my last update [61.42], but it’s still in the “good” range. Anything in the $60s is great, as far as I’m concerned! More importantly, however, is all the HCL talk. I can confirm this is true: Iraq is dealing with the HCL as we speak, and I think it’s going to get done this time. Article quote: “It is noteworthy that the Oil Ministry’s sudden announcement of the draft oil and gas law coincides with marathon negotiations between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region regarding the latter’s share in the 2021 budget and the mechanism for managing his oil file.”

The Budget was completed some time ago, and Baghdad and the Kurds were even in agreement on the original Budget that was preliminarily approved. The fact that there are now disputes, that are tied to the oil and gas law, tells us very clearly that they are not arguing over a few dinars… they are arguing over a LOT of dinars, which is also dollars. My friends, we are closing in on a spectacular finish! I’m looking forward to it. I know many of you are, as well. Hang tight! This might get bumpy before it’s over, but OH BOY will it be worth it!!! GO RRRVVVV!!$!$!$!$!!

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