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Over the last couple months I’ve been pretty solid on one thing: No HCL, No RV. Pretty cut and dried, right? I’ve also been kicking around another angle on this deal…we’re not going to get a huge warning, or even a hint, that the RV is coming. In fact, the opposite is my opinion.

So with that in mind, don’t freak out when you read this: “Oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil will be presented to Parliament! The government has hinted it seeks the transfer of the oil deal with the Kurdistan region, which is hereby given region, its share of the budget for fiscal 2016 by 17% file, to the House of Representatives.

Yesterday that the budget bill arrived at the Presidency of the Council of Representatives by the government to put on the agenda and approval.” That…my friends, has the potential to be the BIGGEST and BEST news we have seen since Chapter 7 was lifted. We are FINALLY starting to see some movement, and this is AWESOME!

But let me back up for a second… remember I said “don’t freak out”? I say that because even though this is great news, I don’t think we’re any less than a month out.

This HCL movement is EXACTLY what we need, but based on my longtime observance of how things work in Iraq, I am confident that we will see a slowdown in news for about a month… and then BOOM!

Something big is going to happen! Yeah, I just did that… I am sticking my neck out and giving a timeline. Maybe not for the actual final official RV, but we are looking at SOMETHING big, and soon.

I’m very excited right now! But I’m also patient, and I encourage you to do the same.