Adam Montana

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[Do you have any sources that give us any optimism that, at the least, HCL related laws will make it to a parliamentary vote this year?]

I don’t believe we are going to get that kind of warning. I think when the HCL goes through, it’s going to happen fast for a few important reasons.

  1. It will eliminate any attempts by either side to sabotage it. They will probably put a fair agreement on the table (that neither side will be completely happy with), and pass it.
  2. It will prevent a huge speculation run on the Dinar.…there are extremely smart and wealthy investors out there who will pounce on this deal the minute they get wind that an HCL/RV is coming.

So it’s going to be in Iraq’s best interest to push through both the HCL and an increase in the value very fast… so fast that the BIG money investors won’t be able to get their hands on tens or hundreds of millions of dinar at the pre-RV rate.

I am so strong on that opinion that it’s my opinion we won’t have any warning at all.