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The World Bank is ready to restructure the loans granted to Iraq

The World Bank announced its readiness to support Iraq and restructure the loans granted so as to protect the vulnerable sectors of society.

Ramzi Numan, the Resident Representative of the World Bank in Iraq, during a meeting with the Iraqi Minister of Planning Nuri al-Dulaimi, yesterday, Tuesday, that the World Bank seeks to provide an integrated vision to address the future repercussions that will be produced by the Corona Virus crisis, including high levels of poverty and unemployment, as a result of economic contraction and declining growth rates , Lower GDP.

Noaman pointed out that the World Bank is ready to provide possible support and restructure the loans granted to Iraq, in a way that contributes to protecting fragile segments of society, noting the inclusion of 11 Iraqi provinces in the Social Fund for Development project that supports the Iraqi government’s strategic plans to reduce poverty. Source