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Saturday News Summaries and Commentaries

Things continue to move in Iraq….I for one am impressed with the action we are seeing… all looks promising and shows the government is truly attempting to make a change in how they work on laws presented to them….tomorrow could be a red letter day for them if the get the Investment Law passed with a vote.

Mass citizen Council Babylon offers a project for the issuance of a financial nature category 250 dinars popular support for the crowd

I have always been amazed at how we as society want to heap all kinds of praise upon those who put on a uniform….a uniform of almost any sort to defend our freedom, protect our safety and well-being, fight our fires, etc…..

Yet when it comes time to recognize their acts of valor, their sacrifices for being brave enough to stand on the front line we tend to put very little in their pocket in the form of a cash reward….I know money isn’t everything….but to some people at some points of their life it means quite a bit….

and for many of these uniforms to have signed a blank check payable with their death…..the paybacks just don’t seem to equalize things….so goes the story in Iraq too it seems…..250 IQD for those who were brave enough to join in the fight against terrorism….shaking my head.

Abadi al-Maliki ordered the lifting of images from the streets of Baghdad’s Green Zone

Scrubbing the walls of buildings and barriers within the Green Zone of Maliki’s image….and the images of other political entities….will this pave the way for “Wanted….Dead or Alive” posters for the bad boys I wonder… should.

Economic: the finishing touches on the investment law for a vote next Sunday

Did I fall asleep and have a dream about the Investment Law…..I was thinking they were going to vote on it on Monday….wonder why they moved up the date to Sunday….no concerns….in fact….cause for celebration I would think….get this baby birthed….remove the red tape and wipe away all former images of corruption…..let Iraq become a bonafide mecca for investors from the world over… for those trying to destroy the Iraqi economy….send them to Iran…..or lock them up for obstruction of economic freedom.

Parliament prevents the entry of mobile phones that contain cameras

Talk about a sweeping gesture on the part of the Iraqis……I think my Dad’s cell phone, an old flip phone, may not have a camera in it……maybe only one of its kind left in the world….check your phone at the door please….check your phone….which one was yours they ask upon leaving….the one with the RV on it…..I know one politician who won’t enter their Parliament then….if he can’t take a selfie of himself.

Economist calls for the central bank to stimulate savings and localization

The need to stimulate savings and bring customers (Iraqi citizens) back into the banks…’s called SECURITY and it sounds like the CBI is working pro-actively in this direction…..there has to be a need….a worthwhile need that will draw the customers back to the banks….as well as a strong understanding that the bank is not some act with mirrors….the money is here today and gone tomorrow….get the crooks out of the system.

Well here are the short notes for today thus far…..hobbling to the kitchen for more coffee….will be watching the rest of the day for whatever news we are graced with…..thanks WS for what you do….especially your ability to retrieve things that we ask for from time to time…..what a repository you have.   Aloha    Randy