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Monday News Summaries and Commentaries

I’m pulling the individual articles that I commented on earlier this morning into one document of summaries for today, as I wasn’t sure how much time I would have to work on the overall summaries for today… here they are in one spot for you.

Parliament’s efforts Maliki fails to get immunity

He’s finding out just how many true friends he has….it is lonely in that cell…..even when he’s not yet in it….give him time….the guys in the suits will knock on his door soon….the front door and the back door at the same time.

They are pegging him in these articles as being complicit in the crimes associated with Mosul’s fall, and who know what other corruption lists he will find his name listed on….the time runs short for him…..

His only hope perhaps a quick strike team from Iran, coming in to take him to Tehran again….but he serves them of no purpose….what do they need with another criminal politician.

House of Representatives vote on the second amendment to the investment law

Good Morning WalkingStick, you bring FANTASTIC news in such a tiny tidbit of an article this morning…..thank you sir… you know if this “vote on the Second Amendment to the Investment Law” is all there will be, or are there other Amendments to be voted upon as well? I seem to recall there are more pieces to the law, sounds like they may be voting on them individually.

Tariq Harb: Parliament legislation to speed up the 2016 budget law and not to modify the form in which it happened in the 2015 budget

Without mentioning any specific names……here is a legal expert taking a look at the 2016 budget and what has thus far transpired between PM Abadi and the COM and now towards the Parliament and he voices the same opinion as PM Abadi….aimed in a sort of anonymous way towards the Finance Committee……”keep your sticky fingers and noses” out of any changes to this budget…..

DO YOU HEAR THIS….cease and desist from taking any action to change how the budget is written… other words give credit to those who have been charged with developing this budget and to those who initially approved the budget, your own Ministry Heads…..this just needs your head nod….understand.

Parliament to raise its next week after the postponement of the vote on the investment law

Well this answers my earlier question….I thought there was more to the Investment Law than just that one amendment….thanks for digging this up WS.

House of Representatives to raise its 31 to Tuesday next week

Ok gang….pay attention here…..there are only so many days left for you to get these “LAWS” completed that are needing to be passed…’ve heard the talk of an end run around you if you are believed to not be productive…..PM Abadi is serious about getting work carried out and is not likely going to look upon your adjournment until next week as a positive factor in the future of your existence…..he has the power remember…..he can reform Parliament if he desires…..and always always listen for what the Ayatollah Sistani is saying to you…..”daylight’s aburning”……”get ‘er done boys.”

Cabinet agrees to reduce gas flaring policy

Smart move….reduce flaring will lead to reduction of lost gas… will the intake of TUMS…..LOL….seriously…this is something that has been a long time in coming….capturing the flared gas from the Iraqi oil fields and harnessing it for energy usage…..who has the bottle of BEANO.

Poll: Iraqis are satisfied with the performance of Prime Minister and “no” for the government

The polls are in and PM Abadi is getting “A’s” across the page….the people like him, believe he knows what he’s doing, and is acting upon their concerns…..

Parliament….here’s a letter to take home to your parents…..have them sign it and return this to your leader no later than next week on Tuesday…..and at the same time upon your return, bring with you the “wherewithall” that it takes to get some honest days of work completed…..meaningful work that will show the people you too have a concern for their well being and you are not serving in the interest of your bank account, but instead serve to help the people….remember who put you in office…..

This was quite the comprehensive polling effort on someone’s part and they should be commended…..look for the holes and start to put those plugs in place to help minimize the leaks…..the ship is not going to sink, but you all must do your collective best to ensure the safety of everyone aboard.

Parliamentary Financial Integrity calls to prosecute, “banks brokers”

The Integrity Commission is looking into irregularities associated with a variety of banking brokers and will be submitting arrest warrants upon the completion of these investigations where the facts prove strongly enough that corruption or other criminal activities were found to be present in the activities of these bank officials….give them, they will nail all who are guilty.

Next week .. Kurdish delegation to visit Baghdad to discuss the 2016 budget

This is like waaaay premature to really be talking about what is in the 2016 budget….but….it sounds like the Kurds may have their 17% within the budget and MAY NOT have a requirement attached to it to pump 550,000 barrels of oil per day to get it…..I’m gathering that by the wording where they mention the 17% then immediately following it state, “as opposed” and mention the oil requirement that has been there since the passing of the 2015 budget….even if it is still there I believe the Kurds are capable……as long as they can find some way for SOMO to agree with them on the amount pumped.


Parliament speaker calls to reconsider many of the paragraphs of the Constitution

Speaker of Parliament is wanting to know who has experience in writing policy and would like to be included on a Parliament Committee to be charged with the responsibility to re-write the Iraqi Constitution.

The joint national plan to prevent the negative media and false rumors

Leave the rumors to the other guys…..if you want straight facts you know where to come….here we are… put us in your bookmark and come back often if you need to know what is going on…..oh the Iraqis have a “join national plan” that is set up with the national security folks and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights….

Stamp out the rumor mills, stick to the facts….a real threat to morale of any country….but also almost impossible to put a complete end to the plethora of sources who keep popping up calling themselves part of the news media to collect their 15 minutes of fame…..if they can truly put a dent in this unethical process more power to them.

Well here is the collective collection of today’s newsy nuggets all corralled up into one spot…..enjoy.   Aloha    Randy